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Air India Express Fleet
Aircraft : Boeing 737-800
In Service : 25
Orders : -
Passengers : 186

Total In Service : 25
Orders : —   

Airlines エア・インディア・エクスプレス (Air India Express - IX) routes

Air India Express focuses on providing international flights from Tier II cities in India, to the Gulf and South East Asia. The airline flies to 30 destinations as of January 2018 with a primary hub located at Cochin International Airport in Kochi.

On the domestic front, the airline operates from the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharastra.

Codeshare agreements
-Air India

Let's get to know before flying with Airlines エア・インディア・エクスプレス (Air India Express - IX)

Air India Express was operated on 29 April 2005 which offers three flights that started from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode airport.The airline was a low-cost airline that want to provide convenient connectivity, to short-haul international routes, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for the Indian expatriate community. Air India Express was Air India’s response to the growing popularity of LCCs worldwide and in the region. Being an LCC, the airline operates point-to-point flights with multiple hubs all over India.

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