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As of May 2015, the STP Airways fleet uses the following aircraft:

STP Airways Fleet
Aircraft : Boeing 767-300ER
In fleet : 1
Orders : 0
Passengers : 273
Notes : Operated by EuroAtlantic Airways

Total In fleet : 1
Orders : 0

The airline also operates Dornier 228s on flights to Príncipe. In the past, STP Airways used to operate two Boeing 767-300ER from its parent company, EuroAtlantic Airways (CS-TFS and CS-TFT). Both planes returned to EuroAtlantic by 2013. Since then, STP Airways started to operate a Boeing 737–800 also from EuroAtlantic. However, in May 2015, the company resumed to operate one Boeing 767.

Airlines Stpエアウェイズ (Stp Airways - 8F) routes

-Lisbon – Lisbon Portela Airport

São Tomé and Príncipe
-São Tomé – São Tomé International Airport
-Príncipe – Príncipe Airport

Let's get to know before flying with Airlines Stpエアウェイズ (Stp Airways - 8F)

On 18 August 2008,STP Airways operated route between Lisbon, Portugal, and São Tomé, and Príncipe, with a Boeing 767 aircraft leased from parent company, EuroAtlantic Airways.

From 24 October 2012 STP Airways is using EuroAtlantic Airways B737-800 on weekly Lisbon service.

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