AH Hotel & Conference, Accra, アクラ, ガーナ

AH Hotel & Conference, Accra, アクラ, ガーナ

AH Hotel & Conference (AH Hotel & Conference)

House No:84/86 1st Boundary Road, American House -east Legon, Ct 8267

AH Hotel & Conference (AH Hotel & Conference) AH Hotel and Conference Accra, brings to the city a true urban living, with over 75 generously sized guest rooms, humid interior and conference spaces that encloses four floors and inspired by over 5000 LED ceiling lamps that responds to your very presence; your stay is as enjoyable and fulfilling than ever and is bound to keep you coming back for more. Attached to this is our welcoming Conference setups with a variety sitting of options ranging from a 40 sitter executive conference room to a large 100-300 sitter personalized halls. Our property is one of the best locations in the center of the city. It is exactly 5minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport. Significant and popular land marks really set us out like Ghana’s Premier University, The University of Ghana, Legon which is a window view from our location. The Institute of Chattered Accountants Ghana are within short proximity and also not too far from the business street of East-Legon which harbors an array of banks and other international business services.

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