Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou, 港区, 東京, 日本

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou, 港区, 東京, 日本

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou (Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou)

2 Chome-16-12 Nishiasakusa, 台東区 Taito City, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou (Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou) Asakusa Toukaisou hotel and hostel offers affordable accomodation and easy access to Tokyo and beyond. Located in Asakua in the heart of the old downtown Tokyo, within easy reach of Tokyo Disneyland, Akihabara,Ueno, Shibuya and beyond. Asakusa is reminiscent of traditional Japan, and also offers convinient shopping and transport links. The nearby Senso-ji temple complex is a major tourist attraction.

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