Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel, 台東区, 東京, 日本

Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel, 台東区, 東京, 日本

Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel (Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel)

3-13-1, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015

Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel (Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel) New Izu hotel provides the perfect combination of affordability and convenience in the heart of Tokyo. Ueno is directly connected to Narita airport via the Keisei Skyliner, which takes 60 minutes via train. New Izu Hotel is located only five minutes from JR Ueno Station; it is the perfect place for business or leisure. There is a Lawson convenience store on the ground floor. The hotel wishes to enhance guests' traveling experience by providing authentic Japanese style rooms, while also providing clean and comfortable Western style rooms. New Izu Hotel will be able to accommodate groups from 10 to 40 people ranging from corporate groups and sporting tours to school trips. New Izu Hotel has become popular with international travelers and often gets repeat guests. It has an English speaking staff on hand to give local information and advice. Ueno is famous during the spring time for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Ueno is also home to Ueno Zoo, Ameyoko Market and Ueno Park.

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