Trekking by Bali Adventure Tours (Trekking by Bali Adventure Tours) バリ島 インドネシア

Trekking by Bali Adventure Tours

 バリ島, インドネシア

Welcome to a triple treat Trekking experience! Our latest combined Trekking option is really an exclusive experience. The tour begins with a drive through the Gianyar Regency passing the 'real' wood carving area of Tegalalang to the starting point in the highlands of Taro.Exclusive to Bali Adventure Tours, our Trek takes visitors through Taro, one of the oldest Hindu Villages in Central Bali dating back some 3000-4000 years. Taro is steeped in tradition and culture where rural life is seen as unchanged for a thousand years. The isolated village boasts the oldest Temple structure on the island of Bali and is also home to the famed Sacred White Cows that are rare to the island.