Egypt Cairo Giza Memphis Alexandria 6Days 3Nights TATEG 8100

Egypt Cairo Giza Memphis Alexandria 6Days 3Nights TATEG 8100

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ショッピング お参り Full Day Museum

Egypt Cairo Giza Memphis Alexandria 6Days 3Nights TATEG 8100

 カイロ, エジプト
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport – Abu Dhabi Airport

    06:00 p.m. Make an appointment together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th Floor, Departure Building Etihad Airways (EY) counter with a Letsco Group welcome sign and staff available to assist and provide travel information for you.
    09:05 p.m. Take you on a journey to Abu Dhabi airport United Arab Emirates by Etihad Airways, flight EY409 (food and beverage service on board), travel time approximately 6 hours 55 minutes.

  • 日付
    Abu Dhabi Airport – Cairo Airport – Mohammad Ali Mosque – Hanging Church – St. Sergius Church

    12:55 a.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport. United Arab Emirates to wait for connection
    03:05 a.m. Departure to Cairo Airport, Egypt by Etihad Airways flight EY657 (food and beverage service on board)
    05:15 a.m. Arrive at Cairo Airport, Egypt. After that, you will be taken through the immigration process. (Local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand)
    Morning: Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant (1)
    10:00 a.m. Take pictures. The Mohammad Ali Mosque, built in 1830 and completed in 1857, is the largest and tallest mosque in Cairo. The building is made from alabaster. In the center is a square with a large dome 52 meters high and 21 meters in diameter, decorated with beautiful chandeliers in the style of Islamic art. Designed by Greek architects in the Ottoman style. or Türkiye today Inside is the mosque's courtyard clock, which was a gift in exchange for Ramses II's obelisk in order to foster friendly relations between Egypt and France.
    Take you to visit the Hanging Church (The Hanging Church), located in the heart of Old Cairo, built in the 2nd century AD as an LDS Coptic sect. The oldest Orthodox in Egypt The Hanging Church remains one of the most important fortresses of the Coptic Christian Church. In 1047, it was designated the official residence of the Coptic Orthodox Pope. After the Muslim conquest of Egypt, the Egyptian capital was moved from Alexandria to Cairo. The architecture is unique and stands out with twin bell towers standing tall. The top is decorated with a cross. The wooden roof is shaped like Noah's Ark, supported by 13 marble pillars to represent Jesus and his 12 disciples. The wooden doors and windows are intricately carved. The inside of each room is decorated with exquisite patterns made from hard black wood, agarwood, ebony, and ivory, like black paired with white. These sanctuaries are now dedicated to St. George, the Virgin Mary, and saints.
    Noon: Lunch served at a local restaurant (2)
    Take you to visit the St. Sergius Church (Abu Serga) in the heart of Old Cairo. It is the oldest church with its original stone walls dating back to the 3rd - 4th centuries. It is 3 floors below the current floor, which is said in the Bible that While Jesus was a baby It was a time when the king ordered the killing of all newborn male babies. The family therefore brought him to escape danger and stayed in the church for more than 4 years.
    Evening: Dinner served at a local restaurant (3)
    Accommodation: 3-star TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.

  • 日付
    The city of Memphis – the ancient city of Saqqara – the Step Pyramid of King Saucer – the Great Pyramid of Giza – the Great Sphinx – a center for making papyrus – a perfumery factory

    Morning: Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant (4).
    Take you to the city of Memphis (Memphis), which was the first ancient capital of the ancient Egyptian era for more than 5,000 years. It is a city that has been recorded in history as being important in uniting Upper and Lower Egypt. the same by King Mena The first king of the 1st dynasty. Here you will see A giant alabaster statue of Pharaoh Ramses II as well.
    Then take you to The ancient city of Sakkara takes you to see the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the first pyramid of Egypt. It was used as the burial place for King Saucer. and was the prototype for pyramids in later eras.
    Noon: Lunch served at a local restaurant (5)
    Take you on a journey to The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. It covers an area of 2,000 sq m on a plateau in the southeast. It is home to three Great Pyramids, which the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh built to house his own tomb. It is considered to be the greatest and oldest building in the world. It took a total of 30 years to build, made from very large stone blocks. Each one weighs more than 2 tons and is placed next to each other in a very tight cone shape. Even the paper couldn't pass through. This pyramid consists of
    1) Cheops Pyramid or Khufu Pyramid, popularly called by another name. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest and oldest pyramid. Built during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu of the 4th Dynasty, it has an area of 53 square meters, a height of 146 meters, built with 2.3 million blocks of granite, weighing more than 60 tons. Inside there are many halls, such as the main hall, the king's hall. and the Queen's Hall, etc., were built to be used as a place to store corpses. To wait for the resurrection according to the beliefs of the Egyptians at that time.
    2) Pyramid of Kefren (Chefren) built by Pharaoh Khafre, the son of Pharaoh Khufu. It is one of the three pyramids of Giza. Which is located in the center next to the Pyramid of Khufu, built in 1922 BC, 136 meters high, built on a large mound. The top of the pyramid has a layer of polished limestone that the ancient Egyptians built to cover its outer surface. There were two wide halls, but the inside had been invaded. Much damage was done. Also in the vicinity of the Kefran pyramid. There is also the Great Sphinx, one of the world's largest single monolithic statues and the oldest free-standing carved monument in the world.
    3) Pyramid Miserinus (Mycerinus) or Pyramid Menkaure (Menkaure), built by Pharaoh Menkaure, son of Pharaoh Kefran, built in 2420 BC. It is the smallest, 66.45 meters high. Currently, it is only as tall as 62.18 meters, 108 meters wide, is the smallest of the three Giza pyramids, south of the Menkure pyramid. The Three Queen's Pyramids were also built to house the tombs of three queens during the reign of Pharaoh Menkure.
    Allows you to take photos. The Great Sphinx of Giza is located in front of the Kefran pyramid. It is part of the Giza pyramid complex and is considered the largest Sphinx in the world. Carved from a single piece of natural rock. It had the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion. Its duty is like being a representative of the king. and had special powers to protect the body and treasures inside the pyramid
    **Recommend special add-on programs Not included in the tour price (Optional Tour)
          1. Freedom for you to ride a camel in the middle of the desert. and admire the beauty of the 3 pyramids that stand majestically in the background (1 person per camel, takes about 20 minutes) (The cost of riding a camel is 20 US dollars per person (USD)
          2. You are free to visit the inside of the pyramid. which is believed to be the burial place of the pharaoh who built the pyramid Inside there will be a hall. Walkway that can be visited (The cost of visiting the Pyramid of Khufu is 30 US dollars (USD) per person/ The cost of visiting the Pyramid of Kefran and the cost of visiting the Miserinus pyramid or the Menkaure pyramid, 10 US dollars (USD) per person, each day Visiting the pyramid is limited to no more than 300 visitors per day. If interested in visiting, please contact the tour leader in advance.
    Note: The pyramid is narrow and the air is thin when visiting. And you have to climb the stairs to see the inside.

    Then take you to visit. The center for making papyrus (Papyrus and Cotton Shops), the world's first type of paper made from papyrus, used to record messages praising the gods and important events. Historians believe that Paper made from papyrus has been used since the First Dynasty of Egypt, around 3000 BC.
    Then take you to visit. Perfume production factory It is said that this perfume making has been passed down since the time of Queen Cleopatra. And this place is also a large center of perfume production. for famous brand name perfumes Many brands as well
    Evening: Dinner served at a local restaurant (6)
    Accommodation: 3-star TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.

  • 日付
    Alexandria – The Tombs of Alexandria – Pompey’s Pillar – The Citadel – The Library of Alexandria – Cairo – The Cotton Shop – Khan A Market. Alkali

    Morning: Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant (7).
    Take you on a journey to Alexandria (Alexandria) (travel time approximately 3 hours) was an important city during the Roman rule of Egypt. It is the second largest in the country after Cairo. It is located in the northernmost part of Egypt on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Near the mouth of the Nile River It was originally a small fishing village called Racondah in 332 BC. King Alexander the Great came to see him and ordered the city to be renovated and expanded to make it the capital and named it to rhyme with his name. It is also an important place in the legend of Queen Cleopatra's great love. too
    Take you to visit the Catacombs of Alexandria, one of the 7 wonders of the medieval world. It is a cemetery of the former Romans. There are three floors: the first floor is used for transporting coffins and corpses, the second floor is used as a burial ground, and the third floor is used as a place for family gatherings and to remember the dead. There was a party all day long. It is said that when archaeologists first discovered this place. There were still wine bottles and plates on the table.
    Take you to take photos outside with Pompey's Pillar, an ancient important thing during the Roman rule of Egypt that represents the celebration of the Roman victory. It is a 27 meter high red granite pillar with a Corinthian pattern at the top. It is considered to be the largest monolith ever built. It is believed that the pillar got its name from Pompey, a close friend of the great Roman leader Julius Caesar. The two later became enemies. and Pompey fled to Alexandria. before being killed by the Egyptians Julius Caesar then had Pompey's head burned at this stake. Today, only a prominent Greek column and two sphinxes remain.
    Take you to take photos with Citadel, an ancient fortress that is still beautiful. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This fort was built in the 15th century and was used as a residence. Pharos Lighthouse which is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world At present, only the base part remains. and has received further maintenance from Sultan Gayat Bey
    Noon: Lunch served at a restaurant specializing in seafood (8)
    Take you to take photos with Library of Alexandria (Library of Alexandria), a place that collects stories about the history of Egypt. where archaeologists from around the world come to search for information about past events This library was burned down in the fourth century. It took 12 years to rebuild with a budget of 220 million US dollars.
    Then take you back to Cairo (travel time approximately 3 hours).
    Take you to visit the Cotton Shop where you can choose from products made from Egyptian cotton.
    Then take you to shop for local products. KHAN EL KHALILI Market, Cairo's largest market selling local souvenirs and souvenirs. You can choose to buy many beautiful local products, such as handmade perfume bottles, various products, gold jewelry. and Arabian-patterned gemstones, carpets, and various local souvenirs.
    In the evening, dinner service at a restaurant specializing in Chinese food (9)
    Accommodation: 3-star TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.

  • 日付
    National Museum of Egyptian Civilization – Mummy Room – Cairo Airport – Abu Dhabi Airport

    Morning: Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant (10).
    Take you on a journey to The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is located in downtown Cairo. It is a new Egyptian museum. It officially opened on 04 April 2021. It currently houses the mummified remains of the Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt. After the mummy was moved from the original museum in Pharoahs' Golden Parade in April 2021, the museum has more than 1,500 relics displayed in the main exhibition hall, including traditional clothing, ancient ship models. In addition to statues and pharaonic items, the main hall also contains human skeletons dating back 35,000 years, demonstrating the ancient Egyptians' advancements in medicine. Take a tour of The Mummies Room (price included). Entered) The hall of the mummified remains of the Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt. Divided into funeral halls for 18 pharaohs and 4 queens from
    The 17th to 20th Dynasties are the museum's crown jewels. It was specially designed to display the mummies of ancient kings and queens of Egypt. The design aims to make visitors feel like they are walking along the Valley of the Kings.
    Transfer to Cairo Airport, Egypt. to return to Thailand
    01:30 p.m. Take you on a journey to Abu Dhabi airport United Arab Emirates by Etihad Airways flight EY654 (food and beverage service on board)
    06:45 p.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport. United Arab Emirates to wait for connection
    10:30 p.m. Take you on a journey to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by Etihad Airways, flight EY408 (food and beverage service on board)

  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport

    07:30 a.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand safely with an impression from the Letsco Group team.

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TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.
TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.
TIBA PYRAMIDS HOTEL or equivalent.
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