Jordan Amman Petra 6 Days 3 Nights TATJO6872

Jordan Amman Petra 6 Days 3 Nights TATJO6872

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 Free Day Full Day Lake Museum

Jordan Amman Petra 6 Days 3 Nights TATJO6872

 アンマン, ヨルダン
旅行期間 :
21 11月 2023 へ 26 11月 2023
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK - AMM Amman Queen Aia
    09.30 p.m. At the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, International Exit Passenger Terminal, 4th Floor, Royal Jordanian Airlines, RJ 183 flights.
    Meet the company's staff Welcome and facilitate
  • 日付
    Amman - Madaba City - Mount Nebo - Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour Safari
    00.25 a.m. Departure to Amman by Royal Jordanian Airlines. Flight RJ 183
    05.10 a.m. Arrive at the International Airport (AMM Amman Queen Alia) in Amman, Jordan. Take 9 hours to travel. There will be Visa staff to facilitate the tour group. (Local time is 4 hours slower than Thailand), the capital city of Jordan or the Kingdom of Hush Mimit Jordan, the center of the Middle East, which combines the old with modern times. After passing the immigration ceremony And customs Already received the luggage Leaving the door On the left hand side You can exchange money, buy a sim Internet. The price depends on GB.
    - Internet bundle 6GB = 17 USD, 12GB = 19 USD, 18GB = 22 USD
    Breakfast morning at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Mada Ba (about 30 kilometers), former Roman routes. The sacred land of Jerusalem And the city of the story of Moses. Important in the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are also a center that is famous for making mosaic. Is an art of decoration with glass pieces, stone, or small tiles Which is used to decorate the cathedral Or currently applied to decorate houses or Mosaic city Watch the Greek-Orthodox Corcerer of St. George. Was built in the year 600, the era of Byzantine See the diagram of the territory of Jerusalem. Decorated by approximately 2.3 million mosaic, represents various sacred land areas In the Mediterranean Sea, Jerusalem, Jordan River, Dead Sea, Khao Sai Nai, Egypt, etc. Take you to Mount Nobo Mount Nobo is 817 meters high above sea level. It is believed that it is Moses's burial ground. Jewish leaders traveling from Egypt to Jerusalem And is one of Jordan's most sacred places This is the last place of Moses. Before pointing the way for the successor to lead people to the covenant territory In Israel When standing on the top of the hill, he will see the land of The Promised Land, where Moses had seen on this top of the hill. And has been a pilgrimage of the Christian people since ancient times And the church on the top of the hill was built in the end of the fourth century in order to indicate the point where Moses died. Mount Nebo was also the visit to Pope. Of Christianity With the Pope John Paul 2 visited here While traveling to visit the sacred land And planted olive trees The symbol of the peace beside the Byzantine church. See a small museum Inside the collection of various items that were excavated within this area. As well as have various photos of the important photos, which are the images that Pohn Pohn Paul 2 came to make a pilgrimage here and announced as a sacred land in 2000, watch the holy pace of Moses. Designed in a stick in the form of a cross Which is dedicated as the symbol of Moses and Jesus invited to take a picture at the viewpoint. On the day of the clear sky You can see The Jordan River, Dead Sea, Job Rigo and Israel Obtained from this point clearly
    Lunch at lunch at the New Jerusalem Restaurant restaurant.
    Then take you to Drama It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. This desert in the past was a caravan path from Saudi Arabia. Traveled to Syria and Passetein.
    (Used to be the residence of the Nabatians before relocated to build a great kingdom in Petra) in the Arab warfare during the year. 1916–1918 This desert was used as a commandment base for the British military officers, T -Lawrence and Prince Fai Sal. Leaders of the Arabs joined together to expel the Ottoman who invaded the land and later used as a real place to film a great Hollywood movie in the past " Lawrence of Arabia "(and in 1963, can sweep up to 7 Oscar and more than 30 other institutions, starring Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif. desert That is said to be the most beautiful in the world of With a finely reddish -orange sand grain (The color of the tablet is changed according to the light of the sun). Watch the fountain of Lawrence. Places in the past, the British military T -Lawrence military officer used as a place to stay and think of the fighting. Camel riding fee 20 Jod // 3 USD. Please inquire at the tour leader again.
    Dinner dinner at the camp
    Take you to stay at the 4 -star hotel, Aladdin Camp Wadi Rum /Panoramic Dome.
  • 日付
    Drama - Petra Mueang - Visit Maha Nakhon Petra - Travel to Dead City
    Breakfast morning at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to Petra (Has been announced as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO 1985 and 1 of the 7 wonders of the new world. From the decision by voting from millions of people around the world on a miracle day 07/07/07). There is a thousand years of history. It used to be a resident of the people of the Edo Mimite until the prosperity of the land of the Araonian people during the 100 -year -old Chris. - Year 100 and have come to build a kingdom, country, etc. until in the year. 106 This city fell under the rule of the Roman kingdom led by King Tarajan And seal this city to be one of the Roman East Kingdom of the East Arabia (Everyone can ride a horse inside the path that the horse can walk in Petra. Which is included in the card fee Just have to pay a tip to the horse leash 5 USD per person per person /per trip, or depending on the bargain with the horse leash. ) The distance of approximately 800 meters into Petra on the Sai Road to go straight to the city and see the surrounding scenery on both sides of the mountain, the treasures of the mountains on both sides of the face with different appearance. Brought him to the street to the city of The Siq, a pair of a walkway on both sides with a cliff of over 1.5 kilometers caused by the separation of the Earth's crust and the water of the water millions of years ago. Most of the umbrella paths are comfortable (the path is quite sloping, not tired. On the way there is a beautiful corner. Keep collecting images And there are people selling souvenirs Walk to see the beauty of the steep pink rock cliffs on both sides, similar to a little Canyon, and the construction of various carving statues. Visit the Holy Cathedral. El-Kaznet, the treasures of Pharaoh El Kazinet as one. In the most exquisite temple in Petra Of the Kingdom of Na Batia In which the Arabs lived in ancient times Like other buildings Most of this ancient city includes monastery. This structure was carved from sandstone. It is believed that this structure is the collection of the 4th King of Aretus in the 1st century, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country and in the country. This region And in the beginning of the 19th century, it became known as the Bedo-in. It was believed to be a treasure that is assumed to be built in the 1-2 century by the city parents. At that time, it was a temple that carved in a pink mountain, both 40 meters high and 28 meters wide. This temple was designed by influenced the art of many nations such as Egypt, Greek, Na. Batien, etc. The interior consists of 3 rooms, namely the large hallway in the middle and a small room on the left and right, originally believed to be the treasure of Pharaoh Egypt (from the Visitor Center, we traveled to the Treasury area, taking about 3 times. -4 hour) Watch the Roman theater That carved from the mountains with a horizontal seat and amazing balance It was originally assumed to be created by the Nabatians. Later, in the days when Roman came to rule, the addition of 32 seats, approximately 3,000 viewers / independence in walking and taking pictures in the city of Petra.
    Lunch at lunch at Al Qantara Restaurant Restaurant.
    It is appropriate for the time to travel to Dead Sea, which takes about 3 o'clock (200 kilometers). The Dead Sea Dead Deadce is located on the border between Israel and Jordan. Caused by water that flows from streams in Jordan Contains sodium and magnesium React with the hot springs below the lake With salty 4 times more than the sea, with a length of 76 kilometers to 18 kilometers wide, with the deepest point is 400 meters and is 417.5 meters below the sea level. The water in the Dead Sea is very dense. With 25% melted salt in water, resulting in objects above the water Even the swimmer cannot float in Deads and are recorded in the Guinness book as the lowest point in the world. Inviting you to play in the sea and prove. The truth that you can really float (Playing in the sea has a way to play. And various precautions Should listen to advice from local guide and tour leader)
    Dinner dinner at the hotel
    Take you to the hotel of the Gran East Hotel Resort & Spa 5 stars or equivalent.
  • 日付
    Daddi Lake - Fortress of Amman - Ancient Roman Theater, Morning
    Breakfast at the Hotel's Restaurant
    Bring you to travel To Amman On the way, stop to buy products made from Deads, such as mud, mask, face mask, soap and many other products made from deadcy. It takes about 2 hours to travel to Amman.
    Lunch at lunch at Shanghai China Restaurant restaurant.
    Take you to see the capital city of Amman. The capital is located on the mountains of 7 children and has a long history of more than 6,000 years. Visit the old town, new city, business district, market in the city, rich people, etc. See the fortress of Amman. Was built as a home observation Politics around the city, invite freedom to take pictures at the most beautiful viewpoint of this city. With a backdrop of the largest Roman dollar in Jordan, up to 6,000 viewers and the buildings, located on a high mountain that is very strange that it is assumed to be built during the year. 161-180 in the Roman Palace, the old palace, Umyad Built around the year 720 by the Muslim leaders of the Muslim dynasty in the Muslim period. Through the palace of the King Abdullah second Located on the mountains, there is the most beautiful location in Amman. And there are soldiers to monitor strictly
    Dinner dinner at the hotel
    Take you to the accommodation of the 4 -star Al Thuraya Hotel @amman or equivalent.
  • 日付
    Amman -Nakhon Pho Racha -Aja Lun - Airport
    Breakfast morning at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to see the capital city or "Phan Sao City", a past, 1 in 10 heads of the East East city of the Roman kingdom. It is assumed that this city should be built in about 200 - 100 BC. In the past, this city was named in the year 749, this city was destroyed by the great earthquake. And being burying by sand, after which he had disappeared for thousands of years See the Hi -Rian gateful door and horse horse racetrack. Bring you to the south door. Watch Oval Plaza The rally places to meet the people of the city, Thep Zeus Temple, etc. Theater in the south (built in 90-92), a capacity of 3,000 viewers, with a resonance point in the middle of the theater. Test with the miracle, just speak softly. There will be a resonance in our ears. See the goddess Artemis Temple Is a goddess of the city. And sacrifice to this goddess is divided into 3 layers, namely the middle class, in the inner class, bring you to Cardo or Colon Nid Road, the main road that is used to enter and exit this city on the road, there are also wrinkles. Of the wheel of the chariot, the drain lid, lamp arch, drinking water pond Watching the fountain in the heart of the city built in the year 191 to dedicate to the goddess of the mountains. Which is respected by the people of this city There is a water sprayed in the shape of the seven lion's head. And decorated with various gods At the top of the fountain, etc.
    Lunch at lunch at Artemis Restaurant restaurant.
    Take you to Ajlang. It takes about 40 minutes to travel. On the north side of the city, encounter a little royal city located on a high mountain surrounded by pine trees and olive trees. Watching the castle of Ajj Lun was built by Muslim warriors in 1184 -1185, used as a military fort in a fighting fighter with the warriors of Krued, and in the year 1260 was destroyed by the Mongol army. Step After that, continue traveling to Amman. There are many brand names to choose from.
    Dinner at Tawahin Al Hawa Restaurant
    Then appropriate for time Take the group to travel to AMM International Airport, Queen Alia.
  • 日付
    Amman airport - BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport

    02.15 a.m. Depart back to Thailand with Royal Jordannian Airlines. Flight RJ182
    03.15 p.m. Return to Suvarnabhumi Airport With welfare and impression Unforgettable.

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Aladdin Camp Wadi Rum /Panoramic Dome or Equivalent
Gran East Hotel Resort & Spa or Equivalent
Al Thuraya Hotel @amman or Equivalent.
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