Korea Busan Daegu 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR6213

Korea Busan Daegu 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR6213

Korea Busan Daegu 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR6213

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 お参り Temple Full Day Direct Flight Theme Park Ropeway

Korea Busan Daegu 5 Days 3 Nights TATKR6213

 釜山市, 韓国
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日付 Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner ホテル
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) -
South Korea (Gimhae Airport) - Gamcheon Culture Village - Oromo Skywalk - E-WORLD Theme Park - Seomun Market CRYSTAL DAEGU HOTEL or same class
Mount Apsan Viewpoint + Cable Car - Donghwasa Temple - Mabijung Village - Kim Kwang Suk Art Street - Dongsongno Road CRYSTAL DAEGU HOTEL or same class
Turpentine products - Ginseng herb center - Hae Dong Yong Kungsa temple - Chuk Sung Church - Cosmetics - Duty Free - Nampo Dong Road DIAMOND PUSAN HOTEL or same class
Hot Genamu Herb Center - Yongdusan Park - Kuan An Bridge - Jagalchi Fish Market - Wheels, Outlet - Supermarket - Gimhae Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport -
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
    22.30 hrs. Faculty at the same time at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, 4th Floor, Gate 5, Counter N, KOREAN AIR (KE), the company's staff Waiting to welcome And facilitate the boarding (Tour leader, travel advice) KOREAN AIR provides 3-3-3 seats with a luggage weight of 23 kg / person. (We reserve the right to select seats onboard. Because it must be in accordance with the airline system)
  • South Korea (Gimhae Airport) - Gamcheon Culture Village - Oromo Skywalk - E-WORLD Theme Park - Seomun Market
    01.40 hrs. Fly to South Korea With a flight from KE662 to Busan (serving food and beverages onboard)
    05.00 + 1 hrs. Arrive at Gimhae International Airport. (The local time is 2 hours faster than Thailand. Please adjust your watch to the local time to facilitate the appointment.) After passing the immigration and customs formalities Welcome everyone to Busan.
    From then, bring you to watch Gamcheon Culture Village Regarded as Santorini of South Korea The village is located on a mountain. And with bright colors There is also a viewpoint that sees the sea as far as the eye. Then take you to Oudado Skywalk One of the most beautiful viewpoints in Busan. A clear glass bridge constructed from a cliff between the eastern and western seas.
    Lunch serving food (1) Bibimbap Korean Rice Soup with vegetables Along with the marinated meat Serve with hot shabu soup.
    Then take you to E World Theme Park The theme park is located around the 83 Tower. This theme park was formerly known as Wu Bang Lan Amusement Park And has been redesigned into a theme park with European themes Which is the most popular And the 2nd largest in South Korea Enjoy the theme park that comes in 4 themes, one of which is a theme park especially for children. And find more than 30 kinds of attractions and activities. Then take you to Seomun Market, the ancient market in the Joseon period, where local people come to buy groceries, vegetables, fruits, dried food, street food shops Home goods, herbs, and clothing. The famous product of this market is dried persimmons, strawberries, almost as much as the palm. And quality Hanbok, neat work Used in ceremonies and weddings Exquisite dress
    Cold food service (2) Menu Jim Tack, stewed chicken, soy sauce stir-fried with vermicelli, soft onions, the taste is similar to Thai stewed chicken, but will be a little more spicy Served with steamed rice And various side dishes
    Stay at CRYSTAL DAEGU HOTEL or same class.
  • Mount Apsan Viewpoint + Cable Car - Donghwasa Temple - Mabijung Village - Kim Kwang Suk Art Street - Dongsongno Road
    Breakfast, eat at the hotel restaurant (3)
    From there, travel up to Mount Apsan to get up to the top of the 660-meter-high peak to Mount Apsan Take a cable car to the top of the hill It takes about 15 minutes to see the beauty of Daegu 360 degrees. On the top there is a balcony for viewing Daegu city. If coming when the sun is near the horizon, the view is equally beautiful. (Tour price includes the cable car to the park). Then take you to Donghwasa Temple, an ancient temple aged more than 1,500 years. The highlight is Yak Sia Adiripul. (Yaksa-yeoraedaebul), a large Buddha statue that is built as a center for prayers to prayers up to 17 meters high. There are also stone towers, stone lanterns, lion statues and flowers that adorn the base of the Buddha behind the Buddha image. Is a group of stones that is wrapped around very beautiful It is a world-class stone sculpture work.
    Lunch, serving food (4) Korean-style Shabu Shabu Shabu Like boiling together, making hot pot suki Consisting of sliced ​​pork, vegetables, mushrooms and Korean vermicelli Is another popular menu in Korea. And is a local food that has been around for a long time as well
    Then take you to Mabrijong Village Small farmer village That later has revived to come back to life again By decorating the colorful smear on the wall from folk wisdom Then take you to Dongseong Road, Daewoo fashion street and shopping area of ​​teenagers in Daegu. 5 times bigger than Myeongdong or it can be called here That Myeong-dong of Daegu has it all.
    Evening food service (5) Pork Calbi, the original recipe of South Korea Is a roasted pork that has been fermented until Bring to grill on a hot charcoal grill, properly cooked, then cut enough pieces Eaten with kimchi garlic sauce and wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves Miang Kham Served with Korean green peppers, fresh green rice and steamed rice
    Stay at CRYSTAL DAEGU HOTEL or same class.

  • Turpentine products - Ginseng herb center - Hae Dong Yong Kungsa temple - Chuk Sung Church - Cosmetics - Duty Free - Nampo Dong Road
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (6)
    Bring you to learn how to do Turpentine products Products extracted from red needle turpentine. Has properties to help nourish the body, reduce fat, help control food And maintain balance in the body Then take you to travel to Korean Ginseng Herbs Center Herbs that help strengthen the digestive system, lungs help to calm the mind. And increase strength Has medical properties, helps to nourish the heart Preventing ischemic heart disease Enhance sexual performance Reduce and prevent cancer After that, you pay respects at Hae Dong Yong Kungsa Temple, which is an ancient and very sacred temple.
    Lunch, food service (7) stewed chicken with ginseng, health nourishing food Suitable size chicken Stuffed with ginseng, ginkgo and herbs to nourish the body Served in a hot clay pot
    From there, travel to the Chuk Sung Church, located by the sea, the most beautiful church in Busan. This church was built and used as a filming location for the SBS drama "Dream" in the early 2000s. The church is decorated both inside and outside with beautiful blend of art. Valuable in both art and mind, the views around the church are naturally beautiful, with strange rocks and surrounded by the sea Is a place that should not be missed when traveling to Busan
    Then take you to shop at the popular cosmetic store COSMETIC OUTLET, a Thai shopper's paradise. To buy back as souvenirs There are many to choose from. Whether it is skin care skincare brands DEWINS and JSM brand, which is the main product of the shop. Such as snail cream, cracked water cream, scrub cream, cellulite, Botox etc. and also have other products such as aloe vera cream, rocking horse powder, hair dye, hand cream, shampoo, etc. You buy duty-free goods at duty free at the largest duty-free shop in Seoul. Sources of many brand names such as perfume, clothing, cosmetics, bags, watches, jewelry, many famous brands. And many other branded products. The basement is a luxury brand And alcohol Then take you to independent shopping in the Nampo Dong area, another famous and very lively shopping street in Busan. Beside Khwangbok Fashion Street Like a Myeongdong market in Busan Here are full of shops for shoppers to enjoy. Various street brand products Was quoted here as well as in Seoul. In addition, this is also a shopping district full of clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and importantly, an important area in Busan full of cinemas and theaters. Which Busan is hosting the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in October every year
    Independent dinner, dinner (For convenience in shopping For everyone to have free dinner at your leisure)
  • Hot Genamu Herb Center - Yongdusan Park - Kuan An Bridge - Jagalchi Fish Market - Wheels, Outlet - Supermarket - Gimhae Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport
    Morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (8)
    Bring you to see the Hot Genamu Herbal Center. This tree grows in deep forests without pollution. And is 50-800 meters above sea level, helping to keep the liver clean and strong Cirrhosis prevention Not destroyed by drinking alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, food and drug residues.
    Then take you to Yong Du San Park, a resting place suitable for people of all ages. Quiet atmosphere Beautiful landscape Enjoy a stroll in the beautiful gardens, see the scenery or feed a multitude of pigeons.
    Lunch, serving lunch (9) Korean style bulgogi pork marinated menu With a slightly sweet, spicy flavor By bringing the pork into the pan with the seasoning broth When cooked, eaten with side dishes and steamed rice
    After that, take you to take a picture Gwang'an Suspension Bridge This bridge is like San Francisco of South Korea. The bridge stretches over the sea linking the city center to the beach. From then, bring him to stop Jagalchi Fish Market Located near the Nampo Pier This place is considered a symbol of Busan city that focuses on fishing. Therefore is a fish market And the largest source of seafood in South Korea Then take you shopping LOTTE OUTLET, a center of various brands. Sent directly from the manufacturer and sold at a special price Brand-name products on sale by more than fifty percent. There are many luxury brands to choose from, including popular brands. Bring you to enjoy shopping souvenirs at supermarket (Melting the won, buy 5 get 1 free) Seaweed, various snacks, rock chocolate Choco cereal Leaf products And the roots of ginseng in the form of candy, ginseng tea, mud, ginseng facial mask Ginseng cleansing cream Ginseng cosmetics And also kimchi pero (Korean Pocky), Shin Ramen (Korean Mama), banana milk etc.
    20.35 hrs. Travel back to Bangkok. By flight at KE661 (with food And beverages on board)
    00.30 hrs. Arriving to Thailand, Suvarnabhumi International Airport With the impression

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