South Korea Ski Winter Cool 6 Day 3 Nights TATKR6268

South Korea Ski Winter Cool 6 Day 3 Nights TATKR6268

South Korea Ski Winter Cool 6 Day 3 Nights TATKR6268

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 Free Day Full Day Theme Park Ski Resort Museum

South Korea Ski Winter Cool 6 Day 3 Nights TATKR6268

 ソウル市, 韓国
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日付 Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner ホテル
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG658 23.10-06.35: TG656 23.30-06.55) -
Incheon (Incheon Airport) - Nami Island - Ryobi - Independent Ski CENTRAL PLAZA HOTEL or PACIFIT HOTEL 3 stars or equivalent
Straw Berry Farm - amusement park Everland - shopping street Hongdae - 943 King's Cross (a theme Harry Potter). 3-star INTERCITY HOTEL / HANGANG RAMADA HOTEL or similar.
Blue House - Kiangbok Palace - Ginseng Center - Cosmetic Shop - Star Park - Myeongdong Market - Duty Free 3-star INTERCITY HOTEL / HANGANG RAMADA HOTEL or similar.
Korean Herbal Center - Red Needle Turpentine Center - Seoul Tower - Seongsu-dong - Hyundai Outlets - Supermarket - Incheon (Incheon Airport) -
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG655 21.25-01.20) -
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG658 23.10-06.35: TG656 23.30-06.55)
    20.00 hrs. The group comes at Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures, Level 4, Gate 2, Counter C (check-in group of Thai Airways), with staff of the company And tour leader Along with facilitating the checking of luggage and travel documents for everyone
    23.10 hrs. Bringing you to the Republic of South Korea. By Thai Airways Flight TG658 (serving food and beverages onboard)
  • Incheon (Incheon Airport) - Nami Island - Ryobi - Independent Ski
    06.35 hrs. Arrive at Incheon Airport. Republic of Korea Local time is 2 hours ahead of Thailand (for convenience in appointments Please adjust your watch to local time). Lead you through immigration and customs formalities.
    Take you to Nami Island (takes about 10-15 minutes by boat) for you to enjoy the nature of the pine trees on Nami Island. Which is considered the best moment in the romantic atmosphere For you to trace the dramas of Korean dramas that are famous all over Asia. WINTER LOVE SONG or winter love songs Ready to capture the impression. Take a picture with the lead actors BAE YONG JOON and CHOI JI WOO.
    Then allow you to have fun with activities. Cycling on the railroad tracks. Rail Bike has bicycles for 2 people and 4 people for you to enjoy riding on the rail. There are about 50 bicycles of both types mixed together to follow the train tracks. In the midst of a cool natural atmosphere
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant Tuck Galbi (Stir-fried chicken with Korean style sauce)
    Experience the coldest things about Large ski slopes Freedom for you to play skis Which is safe and without danger Preparation before skiing should prepare ski gloves, scarves, sunglasses, waterproof jackets or shade cloths. And tight pants while listening to recommendations And practice how to play from a local guide before actually entering the field This is for your own safety is important. And you can play and experience the fluffy snow
    Note: Activities within the ski slopes are subject to weather conditions. The company reserves the right to modify the program as appropriate. There is no need for prior report
    (The tour price does not include ski equipment, ski lift, snow sled skiing. The total play fee is approximately 50,000 won)
    Dinner. Dinner at the Shabu Shabu restaurant.
    Accommodation at CENTRAL PLAZA HOTEL or PACIFIT HOTEL 3 stars or equivalent
  • Straw Berry Farm - amusement park Everland - shopping street Hongdae - 943 King's Cross (a theme Harry Potter).
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to watch and collect strawberries at Strawberry Farm You can collect and taste. Strawberry Korea will have a big baby and sweet taste. You can order it for people at home.
    Take you to Everland Theme Park Dubbed the Korean Disneyland Is the largest outdoor amusement park in the country. Which is owned by Samsung Company Located in the midst of a valley Allow you to freely explore the world of wildlife, safari, see the world's first twin locker. Here you will find wild lions and tigers able to live happily together. See the cute bears that can communicate with the driver as well. Or enter the land of fairy tales, a four-season garden where flowers will grow according to the season. You can also enjoy a variety of rides, such as space tours, roller coasters and snail worms. Admire the blooming flower gardens showing off the colorful gardens. (Depending on the weather, March - April is the tulip garden, May - June. Is a rose, August - September is a lily garden, October - November Is a chrysanthemum garden). Watch activities and shows. Organized according to the daily schedule with a ONE DAY TICKET admission ticket. Can play every device, unlimited Browse and choose to shop in many souvenir shops.
    Lunch. Lunch at the restaurant "Calbee" (Korean grilled pork).
    Independent shopping, the famous youth district, Hongdae Road area is a shopping area in front of Hongik University. Therefore is the center of children, adolescents and children of the university Is another line that has a romantic atmosphere There are also unique cafes, galleries, fashion stores, clubs, art markets and interesting restaurants among 20-30 year olds that are popular to stroll. The prices of various products and restaurants are also not expensive as well. Which will be especially bustling from the afternoon onwards
    Transfer to 943 King's Cross Cafe theme Harry Potter is taking over the lot. There are robes and scarves in all 4 houses and a wand to wear to take pictures. Drink prices 4000-6000 Won ambience you will experience the world of Harry got a chill.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant. Grill buffet menu.
    Accommodations at 3-star INTERCITY HOTEL / HANGANG RAMADA HOTEL or similar.
  • Blue House - Kiangbok Palace - Ginseng Center - Cosmetic Shop - Star Park - Myeongdong Market - Duty Free
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Go through the Blue House, the President House. There is another name, "Cheong Wa Dae". This name is derived from the roof of the building, which is covered with light blue tiles. Makes the building stand out due to the blue color of the roof Contrasting with the background, bought a dark green Pugak San. Is a very beautiful scenery
    From then, bring you to watch Gyeongbok Palace The oldest palace of the Joseon Dynasty Built in year 1394 as the administrative center of ancient times as a residence and base of Daejeon and The Japanese governing body of Japan has built a giant parliament building in order to clearly show that it wants to break the bond between the royal family and the people. With Kyo Hewaru Palace A two-story building, the palace was built to protrude into the pool filled with swans, built to be used as a venue for royal ceremonies.
    Take you to the Ginseng Center, which the government certifies quality as produced from ginseng, aged 6 years, which is considered the best quality ginseng. See the life cycle of ginseng, ready for you to buy ginseng with the best quality and 2 times cheaper than Thailand to nourish the body. Or leave the relatives that you love and respect.
    Then take you to COSMETIC SHOP, a famous Korean cosmetic center such as Rojukiss, Missha.
    Lunch, have lunch at a restaurant called Sumteukang (Ginseng Chicken)
    Bring you to STAR PARK, located in the MBC World area. The major broadcasting company in Korea has a variety of shows such as CARPET ZONE which will be held there. Is the red carpet for everyone to experience like South Korea's leading actors, LED MASK ZONE, which is the first exhibition section of STAR PARK and everyone can watch Many interesting exhibitions
    Shopping in Myeongdong or Siam Square in Korea You can choose the latest Korean fashion trends here, especially teenagers such as clothing, shoes, bags, and brand-name products such as EVISU, GAP, ONISUKA TIGER, and products from Korean brands especially. Cosmetics such as ETUDE HOUSE, SKIN FOOD, THE FACE SHOP, MISSHA, ROJUKISS, LANEIGE. There are also cafes. Various restaurants You can taste ice cream. 2,000 won at almost a foot tall and the delicious KRISPY KREME donuts
    Bring you shopping duty-free products at Duty Free stores and then give you Shopping at Myeong-dong market, Siam Square area for teenagers Especially as a source of famous cosmetics such as Etude, Skinfood, The Face Shop, Missha etc.
    Independent dinner, 1 meal dinner (for everyone to have free dinner at your leisure)
    Accommodations at 3-star INTERCITY HOTEL / HANGANG RAMADA HOTEL or similar.
  • Korean Herbal Center - Red Needle Turpentine Center - Seoul Tower - Seongsu-dong - Hyundai Outlets - Supermarket - Incheon (Incheon Airport)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to see the Korean herbal medicine center. For you to choose to buy and watch Korean Namu herbs That has been processed into various forms Which has medicinal properties And nourishing the body
    From then, bring you to watch Red Needle Turpentine Center Which is produced from red pine needles in Korea, which uses red needles from the top of the country North Korea came to produce using technology together with research that South Korea came out as red needle turpentine. The landscape of Korea is about 70 percent of the mountains. In order to get 1 capsule of red turpentine, about 2.7 kilograms of red pine needles are extracted. The oil is produced and researched into turpentine.
    Take you to Seoul Tower, one of the 18 tallest city towers in the world, 480 meters above sea level. You can see 360-degree panoramic views of Seoul from the top of the Seoul Tower. And if turned in the opposite direction Will see as far as the Hangang River Does not include the lift price 
    Lunch. Lunch at the restaurant with menus. Jim Dum (Roasted Chicken with Soy Bean Vermicelli)
    Take you to the Seongsu-dong area, a mix of old and new. The neighborhood that is a gathering place for South Korean young people in this area is scratched along the wall to see everywhere. Regardless of where, go on the camera. So it's a neighborhood that makes you want to take a photo immediately without knowing it. There is a Cafe Onion, a place that is representative of Seongsu-dong
    Take you to Hyundai Outlets Shopping for products that compile famous brands Full of over 200 fashion stores for you to enjoy shopping
    Bring you shopping at supermarket In which there are various products Many to buy as souvenirs such as kimchi, instant noodles, seaweed, snacks, candies, seasonal fruits and souvenirs.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant, Udon menu.
    Take you to Incheon Airport
    21.25 hrs. Bringing you to Bangkok by Thai Airways Flight TG 655 (serving food and beverages onboard)
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG655 21.25-01.20)

    01.20 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok with safety and impressions.


Full payment

  • The round-trip round trip ticket price (group ticket) includes airport tax and fuel tax.

  • Accommodation fee for 3 nights is 2-3 people per room.

  • Admission fees to various places According to the specified list

  • The tour leader or local guide, expert on the route, takes care of the entire journey.

  • Accident insurance with a coverage limit of 200,000 baht per person and 1,000,000 baht for death (conditions under the policy)

  • Accident insurance cover while traveling Coverage coverage in the amount of 1,000,00 baht per person. Medical expenses in case of accidents, 200,000 baht per person in accordance with the conditions of the policy.

  • Luggage weight up to 30 kg per person.

  • Value added tax 7%

  • Thai passport fees

  • Personal expenses such as food-beverages in addition to laundry, telephone, etc.

  • Luggage weight value in case of exceeding 30 kg.

  • Visa to Korea In the case of travelers holding a foreign passport or a country that requires a visa to enter the South Korean state Visa application fee is 1,750 baht per person for foreign passport holders. Must do Re-Entry or Re-Entry only manually before submitting the visa filing document

  • Tips for local guide and driver, total 1,750 baht / person / trip

  • For passengers not carrying a Thai passport And the company is the visa applicant When the visa result has been passed, the company has to cancel the trip. Reserves the right to return all deposits

  • Cancel 15-45 days before the departure. Keep all deposits.

  • Cancel 7-14 days before the departure. Charge 80% of the tour price per person.

  • Cancel less than 1-7 days of the trip. Keep 100% of the total cost of the tour.

  • Canceled on the day of travel, denied entry - departing from both Thailand and South Korea. No refunds will be issued for all cases, in cases of illness until being unable to travel Must have a medical certificate from a hospital certified. The company will postpone your trip to the next faculty. However, you will have to pay for expenses that cannot be called. Refund is a deposit deposit fee of 10,000 baht per person and other expenses.

  • Except for groups traveling during holidays or festivals That is required to guarantee a deposit with the airline or accommodation deposit directly or through a domestic or foreign agent and cannot be refunded Including special flights such as Extra Flight and Charter Flight will not refund all deposits or tour fees, regardless of any cancellation.

  • In the case of the Immigration Division in Bangkok And in foreign countries Refused to leave Or enter the country specified in the itinerary, the company reserves the right to not return the tour fee regardless of the circumstances.

  • When he had already traveled with the group If you refrain from using any service Or traveling with a group is considered to be a waiver of rights Cannot claim service fees and refund deposits Regardless of any circumstances

  • Travelers aged less than 18 years old and not traveling with their parents must have a letter of consent for their children traveling abroad from their parents

  • The company reserves the right not to be responsible for compensation for damages Due to force majeure that the company cannot control, such as strikes, riots, delays or cancellations of flights Including cases in which the Immigration Division does not allow departure or the Immigration Division of each country does not allow entry, including if you are going to use a government passport (Blue Book) Travel If you are denied entry or exit One country

  • The company reserves the right to change the tour program. There is no need for prior report

  • The company reserves the right to change service rates. There is no need for prior report

  • In the case that the faculty does not complete the number of 15 people, the company reserves the right to cancel the departure. By the company Will inform you 5-7 days in advance before traveling

  • When you make a purchase for a tour program The company will consider that you acknowledge and accept the terms of every note