Taiwan Taipei Alishan National Forest 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW 7468

Taiwan Taipei Alishan National Forest 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW 7468

冒険 ショッピング Temple National Park Full Day Ximending Taipei 101 Sun Moon Lake Guan Yu Temple Alishan

Taiwan Taipei Alishan National Forest 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW 7468

 台北市, 台湾
航空会社Starlux Airlines
旅行期間 :
21 6月 2023 へ 24 6月 2023 Period Other time
USD 528
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) - Taoyuan Airport

    03:00 p.m. The group gathered at Suvarnabhumi Airport. International Departure Terminal, 4th floor, Gate 8, check-in counter Q14-20 (subject to change) STARLUX AIRLINES Airlines, with staff of the company welcoming and facilitating checking documents and baggage.
    06:10 p.m. Depart to Taiwan by STARLUX AIRLINES flight JX742 (food service on board)
    (travel time about 4 hours)
    *** Flights or times are subject to change. Depending on the airline is determined *** We reserve the right to choose seats on the plane. because it is a group ticket Seat arrangement will be RANDOM system. Seats may not sit next to each other. The company cannot intervene. Which is according to the conditions of the airline is determined
    11:25 p.m. Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport. Taiwan It is an island country, about 12 times smaller than Thailand, located about 160 kilometers from the southeastern coast of China, consisting of about 78 islands, with Taipei as its capital. (local time in Taiwan 1 hour ahead of Thailand. Please adjust your time. according to local time for convenient appointments) after completing the immigration and customs formalities Take you to travel by air-conditioned coach to travel to the hotel.
    GOOD NIGHT HOTEL or equivalent

  • 日付
    Taipei - Chiayi - Alishan National Park, see a thousand-year-old pine forest - Alishan vintage train ride - tea shop - Wenhua Market

    morning breakfast
    Then take you to Chiayi City, located in the southwestern part of Taiwan. The view is surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The city has 3 national parks: ALISHAN NATIONAL SCENIC AREA, SOUTHWEST COAST NATIONAL SCENIC AREA, and SIRAYA NATIONAL SCENIC AREA, each with its own unique beauty. (travel time about 4 hours)
    noon eat lunch
    lead the group to Alishan National Park which is a beautiful park and the most famous of Taiwan Alishan is where cypress trees are cut. All of them are large and take a long time to grow. After that, the Taiwanese government declared Arisan a forest reserve since 2001 and became a major tourist attraction of the island of Taiwan. With the height of Mount Alishan over 2,663 meters, it requires special preparation in terms of weather conditions. because the temperature is lower than normal **For those who have motion sickness It is recommended to take a drunken pill before going to Alishan Park ** walking tour of the thousand-year-old pine forest It's not a very long road. But must make everyone cry WOW along the way because each pine tree is a thousand years old high up into the sky And it's not just two trees here, it's a forest of pine trees in one place. It is therefore not surprising that Alishan is conserved as a national forest reserve in Taiwan. Never miss a highlight Take a ride on the Alishan ancient train, visit the thousand-year-old pine forest, and stop by to taste Oolong tea at the most famous tea shop in Taiwan. It has a fragrant taste and has properties to help dissolve fat. Grown on Alishan Mountain at an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level. And is a souvenir that Thai people like to buy back as a souvenir Take you to Wenhua Night Market Chiayi Night Market This market offers delicious and inexpensive local-style eateries. including cheap clothing stores for you to enjoy to the fullest
    Free time for dinner
    Accommodation at COUNTRY HOTEL or similar

  • 日付
    Chiayi - Puli - Sun Moon Lake Cruise - Samzang Monastery - Guan Yu Temple - Pineapple Pie Shop - Ximending Market

    morning breakfast
    Travel to Sun Moon Lake or Sun Moon Lake, located in Nantou City. It is the largest body of water in Taiwan. It is another popular tourist destination for Taiwanese people. Around this lake there are many important tourist spots. Take you on a cruise to admire the atmosphere and see the emerald green of the lake water, creating a beauty and a great impression on tourists. along with allowing you to worship the relics brought from the Indian subcontinent and the idols of Phra Tang Sam Chang at Wat Phra Tang Sam Chang (travel time about 1.30 hours)
    noon eat lunch
    Take you to Wen Wu Temple or Guan Yu Temple, located on the northern side of Sun Moon Lake. It is a sacred temple for Taiwanese people. Inside will be enshrined statues of the Prophet Confucius, the god of wisdom, and Guan Yu, the deity who keeps his word with life, loves virtue, and is therefore revered by Chinese and Taiwanese as the god of honesty. It is believed that your prestige can exterminate demons Safe from danger and help support the business to prosper. The temple's appearance is similar to the Forbidden City of Beijing, both in style and color. The main hall is divided into three floors and surrounded by smaller halls on the sides. Including two marble lions in front of the temple, valued at NT$1 million each. Then lead everyone to Pineapple Pie Shop Pineapple Pie Cake It is a famous national dessert of Taiwan that has a unique identity. have a mellow taste The dough has a good smell and a lot of pineapple stuffing. There are also many other desserts such as taro pie, NAUGAT (nougat) for everyone to choose to taste and buy as a souvenir to take home. Then take you to Ximending Market. Popular shopping destination for Taiwanese teenagers If compared to our home, it's like the area of Siam itself. Which is the center of various fashion trends that are popular among Taiwanese youth gathered here and in addition to being filled with clothing stores decorations cosmetics fashion goodies This street is also full of famous restaurants. Both Taiwanese style food and international food. for you to enjoy to the fullest
    Free time for dinner
    XIEMEN RELITE HOTEL or equivalent

  • 日付
    Germanium Center - Take a photo with Taipei 101 (excluding entrance fee) - Taoyuan Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

    morning breakfast
    Take you to see the Germanium Center. buy healthy jewelry There are both bracelets and necklaces that help in the circulation of blood in the body, as well as watching Taiwanese jade and red coral, which have been precious jewelry of Taiwanese people since the past. Listen to the lecture and shop at your own leisure, then take you to take a couple photos. Taipei 101 Building, one of the main landmarks of Taipei City, is Taiwan's greatest building with a height of about 508 meters, 101 floors above ground. by name and 5 floors underground, making Taipei 101 the tallest building in the world during 2004-2010. Inside the building, a large pendulum weighing more than 900 tons is suspended between floors 87-92 inside the building to resist vibration. That can be caused by typhoons or earthquakes. Or a high-speed elevator system that takes only 37 seconds from the 1st floor to the 89th floor, which is the observation floor. to be able to see panoramic views of Taipei Beside the building is a department store that sells brand name products, shops, restaurants, free for you to take pictures with the Taipei 101 building at your leisure.
    get the right time Take you to Taoyuan Airport.
    02:20 p.m. Depart to Bangkok by STARLUX AIRLINES flight JX741 (food service on board)
    (travel time about 4 hours)
    05:10 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport with good quality and impressive

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