Package Tour Trang Koh Ngai Koh Ya 1 Day TATTH6899

Package Tour Trang Koh Ngai Koh Ya 1 Day TATTH6899

冒険 ビーチと太陽 家族のためのゲーム

Package Tour Trang Koh Ngai Koh Ya 1 Day TATTH6899

 トラン, タイ
旅行期間 :
Every 土曜日
USD 34
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  • Koh Ngai - Koh Ya
    08.30 hrs. Together at Pak Meng Pier Have breakfast at the port of bread, fried rice, fruit, cookies, fruit juice
    09.00 - 09.30 hrs. Get on the boat (Joy Tour) heading to Koh Ya. Admire the beauty of the coral reef.
    10.30 hrs. Heading to Koh Ngai Enjoy swimming on a private beach on Koh Ngai Resort.
    11.30 hrs. Arrive at Koh Ngai
    12.00 hrs. Enjoy a delicious lunch on Koh Ngai.
    Menu with sour curry, coconut snapper, stir fried kale with salted fish, mango salad, crispy fish, herb fried chicken, omelette, shrimp paste paste, fresh vegetables, Southern Thai curry paste + fresh vegetables, steamed rice) and dessert menu serving fruit, basil juice, soft drink, Ovaltine coffee, Trang cakes, ice water
    13.00 hrs. Enjoy the white sandy beach at Koh Ngai Resort beach, enjoy canoeing (free)
    15.30 hrs. Leaving you to Pak Meng Pier.
    16.00 Arrive at the pier safely

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  • Joy Trip Boat

  • 2 meals, lunch and buffet breakfast

  • Canoe

  • Tour guide

  • Diving Insurance

  • Value added tax, withholding tax

  • Other personal expenses


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