Vietnam Danang Hoian Banahills 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH6728

Vietnam Danang Hoian Banahills 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH6728

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 お参り Temple Full Day Direct Flight Cruise Theme Park Ropeway

Vietnam Danang Hoian Banahills 3 Days 2 Nights TATTH6728

 ダナン, ベトナム
旅行期間 :
21 10月 2022 へ 23 10月 2022
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Bangkok - Nanami on Suvarnabhumi - Danang Airport - Danang City - Hoi An Town - Japanese Bridge - Ancient Shrine - House No. 101 - Krasang Cruise - Kam Tan Village - Marble Carving Village - City Da Nang MERRY LAND HOTEL or a similar hotel
Lin Ung Temple - Take a photo on My Khe Beach - Dragon Bridge - Bridge of Love - View Han River View - Ride the Cable Car - Mount Ba Na Hills - Flower Garden - Wine Tunnel - Hand Bridge - Fantasy Park MERCURE DANANG FRENCH VILLAGE BANA HILLS HOTEL
Banah Hills - Danang City - Han Market - Danang Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok -
  • Bangkok - Nanami on Suvarnabhumi - Danang Airport - Danang City - Hoi An Town - Japanese Bridge - Ancient Shrine - House No. 101 - Krasang Cruise - Kam Tan Village - Marble Carving Village - City Da Nang
    08.00 At the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Line N, Thai Viet Jet Air (VZ), meet the company's staff. Waiting to welcome And facilitates check-in
    10.50 Travels to Danang, Vietnam Which the VZ962 flight takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes on board. No food and beverages are served.
    12.30 Arrive at Danang Airport, Vietnam. Baggage claim After going through immigration, Danang is the fourth largest city in Vietnam, which has grown rapidly in size and importance, located between the coast and the central plateau of Vietnam.
    Noon serves lunch at a special restaurant, seafood menu and lobster.
    Take you to Hoi An city, located on the banks of the Two Bone River. Near the coast And is a very prosperous old port called Phofo. Hoi is an important center of cultural exchange between East and West. Later, when Hoi An was damaged by battle and the river was shallow The port was therefore built in Danang instead. Causing Hoi An to be quiet today With beautiful houses Built of wood, with carved doors and airy rooms Until UNESCO and the Polish government have initiated funding for restoration projects To protect the old town area and the historic monuments of precious architecture Should not miss when coming to Vietnam In coming to Hoi An Or different cities of Vietnam, you will find Vietnamese pizza Which may not be very similar to pizzeria when looking at its face But if seeing a pizza truck Or the shop that is on the side of the road with its look and taste Having said that, you shouldn't really miss it. The pizza dough is a thick dough sheet that is toasted on a charcoal grill. Topped with various utensils, eggs, sausages, vegetable sprinkles or cheese lovers, you can add them From there, take you to the ancient town of Hoi An. Take a look at the Japanese bridge built by Japanese people. Curved With green and yellow tiled roof tiles In the center of the bridge is a square-shaped pagoda. Which creates a connection between the Japanese and the Chinese
    Bring you wishes. Ancient shrines are the oldest shrines of Hoi An. Square Which was built to connect the Japanese with the Chinese family of the family house that was built in 1792 Located on Tran Phu Road Is a meeting place for people who have migrated from the same fern.
    Take you to the house number 101, Nguyen Tai Hok Road. The front of the house is on a road. After going home to reach another road. It is the unique architecture of Hoi An, built of 2-story wood with exquisite workmanship. The front is made into a boutique shop. The back is the storage. The inside is a residence. With an open slope to see the sky And there is a terrace connecting many residences The form of a carapace From then, free you to walk around the city. Buy souvenirs Souvenir shops will be located in the ancient house. Old and unique houses Including being influenced by China and Japan Which has been well-preserved Blending together spectacularly, houses, temples, pagodas, pavilions, prachom sharp, shrines, family houses And various shops
    Bring you bouncing on the Khamtan village. A small village in Hoi An is situated in a coconut grove by the river. In the past during the war, this village used to be a military residence. The main occupation of people in this village is fishing. During the cruise, you will see the culture of the villagers at this village.
    Take you to Danang, an important port city in southern central Vietnam. Located on the coast of the South China Sea, classified as 1 of the 5 local administrative districts in Vietnam Da Nang is considered an industrial area. And there is a port that supports the transportation of goods There are a small number of industrial factories in the city. Economic products of the city include seafood, wicker furniture. General home appliances Clothes North adjacent to Hue city Which is the former capital of Vietnam West and south adjacent to Quang Nam province. East bordering the South China Sea. It is located 764 kilometers south of Hanoi and 964 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City. Marble carving village Is a souvenir shop made of marble materials There are also clothes, bags, various products for you to choose from.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    3-star MERRY LAND HOTEL or a similar hotel
  • Lin Ung Temple - Take a photo on My Khe Beach - Dragon Bridge - Bridge of Love - View Han River View - Ride the Cable Car - Mount Ba Na Hills - Flower Garden - Wine Tunnel - Hand Bridge - Fantasy Park
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Lin-Ung Temple, worship of Guanyin. Lin-Ung is carved with tall and tall marble, stands out the tallest in Vietnam Which has a good location Facing the sea and behind the mountains Located on a magnificent lotus base Popular fishermen pay respect to help preserve. Lin Ung means "realization" in all respects. Located on the beach of Pai Butte In the courtyard of the temple, there are 18 arhat marble sculptures that are unique in their gestures that convey all human emotions.
    Take you to take pictures with My Khe Beach, the most famous beach in Danang. Because there is a long white sand beach and beautiful clear water This beach attracted worldwide attention during the Vietnam War. When American soldiers used it as a recreation area And called this beach China Beach After the war ended This beach is also popular with locals and tourists. And there are many luxury resorts emerging On the beach there are floating baskets of villagers fishing. Free for you to take impressive pictures
    Take you to see the dragon bridge, another new attraction The bridge has a length of 666 meters, the width of a 6-lane road with a budget of nearly 1.5 trillion. The dong connects the banks of the Han River. Opened on 29 March 2013 on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of independence in Da Nang. This dragon bridge is the new landmark of Da Nang city. Which has a statue with a dragon head and a tail of a water spraying fish like Singapore (Saturday - Sunday at 9pm, the dragon will spray water And spit fire for 5 minutes)
    Take you to see the bridge of love. Is a bridge decorated with heart shaped pillars And from this bridge you can see the full view of the dragon bridge At this point, you can also see the view of the Han River.
    Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Take you to ride the cable car to the top of Bana Hills. Enjoy the views of the city at a height of 5,810 meters. The Bana-Hill Cable Car is one of the longest non-stop cable car in the world. Recorded from the Guinness book on March 9, 2009 (approximately 15 minutes) up to the old French Hill station of Ba Na Hills Resort. And admire the panoramic view on a clear day. Bana Hill is a resort and recreation place Located in the west of Da Nang Which the tourism of Vietnam has advertised that Ba Na Hill is Dalat of Da Nang city. Was discovered by the French when the colonial French So a road was built up the mountain, accommodation, various facilities. To be used as a resting place Since it is cold all year round The average annual temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius only. In the deer yard, when you arrive at this banana hill, you will find a large globe decorated with various seasonal flowers. Or when there are various festivals
    After that, bring you to watch The Flower Garden of Love or LE JARDIN D'AMOUR is a French-style flower garden. With a variety of flowers arranged beautifully proportionally in the cool weather Which no matter where you are in the corner of the garden, can take a very beautiful photo Allowing you to travel, take pictures, and experience the most romantic atmosphere
    Visit the wine cellar, which is a cave-like wine cellar that was built. Located on Ban Na Hills Which this room will be organized into many parts together Allows you to walk to see the wine storage The interior will be decorated in various ways. A variety of styles
    Take you to see the Golden Bridge or GOLDEN BRIDGE, the latest tourist attraction located on Ban Na Hills, a golden bridge stretched by two hands held in a prominent position clearly. Beautiful is another tourist spot that is very popular. You can take pictures of the view of the Banana Hill. In a full 360 degree panoramic view
    Then independent of you Fantasy Park Which has a variety of rides, such as the thrilling 4D movie thriller with haunted houses, fun games, soft rides, roller coaster, or you can choose to shop for souvenirs of the theme park. And rides at the theme park And outside the amusement park, everything Except for the wax exhibit zone, admission price is 100,000.- pickle and coin-operated game cabinet.
    Dinner. Dinner at Ban Na Hills restaurant. Special ... international buffet menu
    We reserve the right to change the room type. Due to the right to arrange the room depends on the hotel.
  • Banah Hills - Danang City - Han Market - Danang Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Han Market, Da Nang Market. Located on the Han River Not far from the bridge over the river In front of the market there is a sculpture by the river, a beautiful female statue. With both fresh and dried goods Seasoned dried squid, dried shrimp and souvenirs Various clothes For you to buy as souvenirs at this Han market, there are many souvenirs for you to buy, whether as a dessert Clothes, dresses, dress, gai ya Baked lotus seeds of musk coffee And the souvenir that is famous for coming to Vietnam is inevitable Which is a souvenir that if you don't come to Vietnam to buy, then probably not coffee, such as G7 Coffee, Legend Coffee
    Noon serving lunch at a special restaurant ... Vietnamese Vietnamese menu
    It's time to get you to Da Nang Airport to return.
    13.15 Brings you to Bangkok via a flight at VZ961.
    14.55 Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok with safety .... with the impression

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