Vietnam Danang Hue Ba Na Hills 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN7543

Vietnam Danang Hue Ba Na Hills 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN7543

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング Temple National Park Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight Flower Field

Vietnam Danang Hue Ba Na Hills 4 Days 3 Nights TATVN7543

 ダナン, ベトナム
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Bangkok • Da Nang Airport • Cable Car to Ba Na Hills • Golden Bridge • Fantasy Park • Petite France

    08.30 am. Ready at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Departure Building, 4th Floor, Gate 3, counter of Thai VietJet Airline (VZ), with staff to assist everyone.
    10.50 a.m. Depart for Danang, Vietnam by flight VZ 960.
    12.30 Arrive at Da Nang airport, Vietnam. Passed the immigration formalities successfully. (local time in Vietnam Equal to Thailand) Da Nang is a city of white sand beaches. And Marble Mountain is an important port and the 4th largest city in Vietnam. This city grows and grows. From a fishing village to an important port city
    ** Banh Mi bread service is a Vietnamese dish or Vietnamese sandwich **
    Take everyone to travel to Bana Hill, which is the best resort in Central Vietnam, discovered when the French came to rule Vietnam. It is a place to relax during the battle while riding the cable car with thrilling beauty. We will see the natural scenery including Toc Tien Waterfall and Suoi no Stream (in a dream). Then take the cable car up to Bana Hill. The Ba Na Hills cable car holds the world record for being the longest cable car of its kind. Stop without stopping, with a total length of 5,042 meters and the highest cable car at 1,294 meters, visitors will experience the misty clouds and at some points the clouds are floating below the cable car with the fresh air that you may even forget. That this is not Europe because the average cold weather throughout the year is only about 10 degrees. The highest point of Ba Na Hills is 1,467 meters high with fertile forest conditions. Take you to see the golden bridge. The latest tourist attraction is beautifully unique. on Ba Na Hill A spot that excites tourists to look at the magnificent, full of charm of legends and fantasy of adventure at The Fantasy Park (including amusement park rides, excluding wax figures not included in the list) that are Part of Ba Na Hills, you will find many kinds of rides such as 4D Movie Challenge, Haunted House Thriller and other fun games, light rides, dizzying spider coaster. As well as many thrillers or shopping, buying souvenirs in the amusement park, and many more that are waiting for you to prove the fun to the fullest, allowing you to continue enjoying the various types of players to your heart's content. visit french city It is a building designed with authentic European atmosphere, but can only be found near Vietnam. traverses through the alleys There are many beautiful check-in photo angles. Le Jardin d' Amour is a beautiful French-style garden with flowers, trees. There are many beautiful photoshoot corners, including the Debay Wine Cellar. underground tunnels for wine It's a long way to walk through. It will come out to the garden. In addition, within a short walk, there is a large white Buddha image that is 27 meters high.
    cold dinner service International buffet style at Ba Na Hills Restaurant
    Bring you to the accommodation ** Hotel Mercure Bana Hill French Village on Bana Hill
    **Rooms on Bana Hill for 3 persons will be bunk beds with an additional charge of 1,500/room.
    And there will be no extra bed service. Or if you want to stay single, you can pay for additional single accommodation with the staff **
    **Remark : In case of rooms on Ba Na Hill are full We reserve the right to change the date of stay.
    and modify the program taking into account the interests of customers is important**

  • 日付
    Hue City • Tomb of Khai Dinh • Thien Mu Pagoda • Dong Ba Market • Perfume River Cruise

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Next, travel to Hue, a prosperous city in the past. Beautiful and valuable ancient sites with their own unique culture, Hue has been confirmed by UNESCO announced the registration as a cultural heritage site in 1993, making it one of the three WORLD HERITAGE World Heritage sites in Vietnam. (travel time about 3 hours)
    Noon Lunch served at the restaurant
    Then take you to see Tomb of King Khai Dinh (Khai Dinh) This tomb is the only tomb that combines Eastern and Western architecture. The path up to the cemetery is decorated with a majestic dragon staircase leading you to a pearl shop for you to choose and buy souvenirs as a souvenir. Then take you to see the Thien Mu Pagoda (Thien Mu), an octagonal Chinese roof, 7 in descending order. The tiers, each representing the different worlds of the Buddha. Located prominently on the banks of the Perfume River, then free shopping at Dong Ba Market is a large market located on the outer banks of the Perfume River, mostly for souvenirs. Inside is general use.
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Take you on a dragon boat to cruise the Perfume River. with performances and traditional music
    Then stay at Thanh Lich Hotel or the equivalent of 3 stars** of Vietnamese standards.
    (The hotels listed in the tour program are only the hotels presented as a preliminary. (This may change but the hotel staying will be the hotel of the same level.)

  • 日付
    Hue City • Hue Royal Palace • Cyclo Ride • Hoi An Ancient Town

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then visit the Royal Palace of the Nguyen Dynasty Kings (outside). Located in the heart of the city, this grand and beautiful heritage site was built according to the traditional Chinese beliefs.
    Special!! Take you on a cyclo tricycle (Cyclo) to see the city of Hue, which is the highlight and identity of Vietnam.
    (Excluding tipping for tricycle riders, 40 baht/person/per trip)
    Noon, lunch service at the restaurant, a special menu, Premium Seafood Hotpot Boatget, the seafood that has been raised from the boat served with Shabu Hot Pot menu. (lobster + river prawns + crab + squid + shellfish + fish)
    Then take you to see the marble shop. Let you choose to view and buy souvenirs as souvenirs. lead you to Cam Thanh Village Enjoy fun activities!! Take a basket boat ride at Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village, a small village in Hoi An located in a coconut grove by the river. In the past, during the war, this place was the residence of soldiers. The main occupation of this people here is fishing. During the cruise you will see the beautiful culture. Villagers will sing local songs. Men and women flirt with each other and bring their oars together and tap each other to the upbeat music. (Not including the tip for the boatman, 40 baht per person / per person / per trip). “Hoi An Ancient City” (Hoi An) The city of Hoi An was formerly a port city. One of the important trading centers in Southeast Asia and the center of Cultural exchange between the West and the East, UNESCO has declared Hoi An a cultural heritage city because of its historical significance. Although it has undergone more and more renovations, it still retains the style of Hoi An. Take you on an air-conditioned coach journey to the city of Hoi An. Take you to see the Chinese Temple, which is the largest and oldest Chinese association in Hoi An, used as a meeting place for many generations. This temple is featured in the beautiful carved wooden work. Can make merit for renewal by an ancient ceremony, which is to bring incense that is coiled into a spiral Let's leave it for It is auspicious for you to visit the Old House of Tan Sky, an ancient house, which is the name of the original owner of the house, a well-to-do Vietnamese. See the oldest and most beautiful wooden houses in Hoi An, built over 200 years ago, well preserved. and also the residence of the seventh generation of the clan The design of the building is a combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architectural influences. Behind it, another road near the Thu Bon River has a wooden gate. You can see the scenery and see rowing boats traveling along the Thu Bon River as well. Take a look at the Japanese Bridge, built by the Japanese community over 400 years ago. In the middle of the bridge there is a sacred shrine. Created to pray for the spirit of the dragon. The Japanese believe that there The dragon underworld is in India and the tail is in Japan. The body part is in Vietnam. When the dragon overturns, there will be a flood or an earthquake. The Japanese therefore built this bridge by driving piles into the middle of the body to eliminate it so that there will be no more disasters. See the Guan Yu shrine on the bridge Japan and in Hoi An, villagers bring various goods to the front of their houses. To sell to tourists, you can buy souvenirs. It can also be a souvenir to take home, such as a bag, lamp, etc.
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Stay at LAVENDER HOTEL or equivalent 3-star ** of Vietnamese standards.
    (The hotels listed in the tour program are only the hotels presented as a preliminary. (This may change but the hotel staying will be the hotel of the same level.)

  • 日付
    Dragon Bridge • Linh Ung Temple • Han Market Shopping • Da Nang Airport • Bangkok

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you to see the Dragon Bridge, another new attraction in Da Nang, the Fire Dragon Bridge, a symbol of Vietnam's new success, with a length of 666 meters, a width of 6 lanes, connecting the two banks of the Han River. Vietnam Dragon Bridge was built as a tourist attraction in Da Nang. It is a symbol of the country's recovery. and to revitalize the country's economy which has been active since Built in 2013, its architecture meets modern technology inspired by Vietnamese legends from more than a thousand years ago. Pay your respects to Linh Ung Temple, Da Nang's largest temple inside its main hall. Is a place to worship Guan Yin and various gods according to the beliefs of the villagers in this area There is also a white plaster statue of Guan Yin, which is 67 meters high, located on a lotus base 35 meters wide, standing facing. The back of the mountain and facing the sea protects the fishermen who go out to fish. Off the coast, this temple, in addition to being a sacred place where villagers come to worship and ask for blessings, is also another beautiful tourist attraction that is another beautiful view point of Da Nang city. and take you to see the bamboo shop at your own leisure, then take you for a walk and shopping in the Han Market, which has a variety of products such as fabrics, liquor, cigarettes and food, as a fresh market and selling local products of Da City Bitch
    It's time to take you to Da Nang airport.
    01.15 p.m. Depart for Suvarnabhumi Airport. By Thai VietJet Airlines (VZ) Flight VZ 961
    02:55 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely. with an unforgettable impression

Meals And Accommodation
Hotel Mercure Bana Hill French Village on Bana Hill
Thanh Lich Hotel or the equivalent
LAVENDER HOTEL or equivalent
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  • All meals as specified in the itinerary (We reserve the right to switch meals or change the menu according to the situation)

  • Drinking water served on the bus 1 bottle per day / person

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  • Coach fee for pick-up and drop-off tourist attractions as specified in the list

  • Fees for local guides and tour leaders for Thai people according to the specified program

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  • Personal expenses such as extra food and beverages, telephone-fax, internet access, mini-bar, laundry not specified in the list

  • Costs arising from airline delays, natural disasters, protests, riots, strikes, denials of departure and entry by immigration and labor department officials both in the city. Thai and foreign countries which are beyond the control of the company.

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  • food in vietnam Influenced from China The taste will go out of the taste, most of the taste, and the seafood is the size of Vietnam.