Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary 8 Days 5 Nights TATCZ8315

Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary 8 Days 5 Nights TATCZ8315

冒険 ビーチと太陽 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング お参り National Park Full Day 4 Stars Hotel 5 Stars Hotel Direct Flight Flower Field Farm No Shop Lake Museum

Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary 8 Days 5 Nights TATCZ8315

 ブルノ, チェコ共和国
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    05:30 p.m. together at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. International Departure Building, 4th floor, ETIHAD AIRWAYS airline counter, with company officials Welcoming and facilitating documents.
    09:05 p.m. Take you to Vienna, Austria by ETIHAD AIRWAYS flight EY409.

  • 日付
    Abu Dhabi International Airport Stopover - Vienna International Airport Austria – Hallstatt – Salzburg – Mirabel Gardens – Mozart's Birthplace – Salzburg Cathedral – Historic Center Square

    12:50 a.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport. United Arab Emirates Stopover to change planes
    03:10 a.m. Take you on a journey to Vienna International Airport Austria Flight EY053
    06:15 a.m. Arrive at Vienna International Airport. Austria Take you through immigration and customs procedures. (Local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand) and after receiving your baggage, you will be taken to an air-conditioned coach. Then take everyone on a trip to see the place. Hallstatt Hallstatt, Austria (distance 289 km/ 4.15 hrs) is one of the most beautiful lakeside villages in the world. Austria is a country known for its romance. Moreover, the atmosphere and tranquility are suitable for relaxing. There are also many activities such as mountain climbing, boating on the lake, and water biking.
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 1).
    Then take you on a journey to The city of Salzburg (distance 75 km / 1.30 hrs.) offers beautiful scenery unique to Austria. grass mountain hill Switching lakes along the route Famous for its Baroque architecture. Which has been well preserved, especially the old city area, so it was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Then take you to see Mirabell Garden. Flower garden, very romantic, French style It is known as the most shady and beautiful place in Austria. which is located inside Mirabel Palace The interior is decorated and designed in a geometric Baroque style. and decorated with colorful plants This location was also a part of the classic scene in The Sound of Music, a Hollywood movie legend. Mozart's birthplace (Mozart Birthplace), yellow building Number 9 is the place where Mozart was born and he lived in this house. The interior of this house was designed by American artist Robert Wilson. It is designed to be as similar as possible to when Mozart was alive. Inside are collections of stories and musical instruments from Mozart's childhood. Whether it's a violin or a piano, there are also pictures and letters written by the family. Salzburg Cathedral is a 17th-century Baroque church dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius. This cathedral was rebuilt. After a fire in the 17th century The church was rebuilt in the Baroque style under Prince-Bishop Wolf Dietrich von Reitenau. The historic center square Mozartplatz is a highly regarded peace square. In the middle of the square there is a statue in memory of the city-born composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The square was later named and was created by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Reitene.
    Evening: Eat dinner (2nd meal).
    Accommodation at FourSide Salzburg or similar hotel (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • 日付
    World Heritage City of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic - Krumlov Castle - Prague

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (3rd meal).
    Take you on a journey to World Heritage City Cesky Krumlov (Cesky Krumlov), Czech Republic (distance 216 km / 3.30 hrs.) Czech Republic, a small city located in the south. Surrounded by the Vltava River, the city resembles a drop of water. Until it was called "City of Water Drops"
    Noon: Eat lunch (4th meal)
    Then take you to take pictures of the surrounding area. Cesky Krumlov Castle is a traditional Gothic castle. It is located on the banks of the Vltava River on a rocky promontory. There is a sweet pink tower. It's like a princess castle in a fairy tale. It's more than 700 years old and used to be the private mansion of 3 noble families before eventually becoming the property of the government. Take everyone to travel to Prague (Prague) (distance 170 km./3 hours) which is the capital. World Heritage City of the Czech Republic A city that is ancient around 200 BC. There is the Vltava River. It is an important river that has nourished the people of the city since ancient times. Because of its beauty and tranquility, it has been nicknamed the land of “Crown of Europe”
    Evening: Eat dinner (5th meal).
    Accommodation: Grand Hotel International Prague or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • 日付
    Prague Castle – St. Vitus Cathedral – Old Palace – St. George’s Cathedral Basillica – Golden Street – Bratislava Slovakia – Bratislava Castle – St. Martin's Cathedral

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (6th meal).
    Take you to visit Prague Castle (Admission fee included in the tour price). It is an old castle with Gothic architecture. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world. It has a length of approximately 570 meters and a width of approximately 130 meters. It houses a diamond crown made during the reign of King Charles IV, the king who created the greatest prosperity. In addition, around The castle has many points of interest, including the historic St. Vitus Cathedral. The church is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. The highlight of this cathedral is The windows are decorated with stained glass, and the walls are decorated with paintings. and sculptures that are extremely intricate and beautiful The Old Royal Palace is a continuous building. From Center Vitus Church Built in the 9th century as a royal residence. The roof has a high pitched shape. Late Gothic architectural style And what can't be missed is the Vladislav Hall area, which was built in the art of the Gothic era. with a flower-patterned ceiling and tall mirrors St. George's Basilica (The St. George's Basilica) The building was started in 920 AD by Prince Vratislav I (Vratislav I). The church exterior is artistic. Baroque style But inside it's decorated. With a Romanesque style that gives an atmosphere Simple and uncomplicated This church is known as the oldest part of Prague Castle. And it is on the side of the body of the Czech king. And another point that is equally beautiful is the Golden Lane (Golden Lane). The reason it is called the Golden Lane is Because this area is the residence of a large number of goldsmiths. But the appearance of the candy-colored houses is bright and flashy. that you will see in the present It came from the royal command of Queen Maria Theresa who kindly restored it to be beautiful.
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 7)
    Take everyone on a journey to Bratislava, Slovakia (distance 329 km / 4.45 hrs.) is the capital and largest city of Slovakia. and has borders with Austria and Hungary It is the only capital city in the world bordering two independent states. Take you to take photos outside with Bratislava castle is the main castle of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It is this large, beautiful rectangular building that sits above the Danube River. It has a perfect blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. And importantly, this tower was also used to store the crown and scepter for coronation ceremonies. St. Martin's cathedral is a church in Bratislava, Slovakia and the cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese. of Bratislava is located on the western border of the historic city centre. It is one of the largest and oldest churches in Bratislava.
    Evening: Eat dinner (8th meal).
    Accommodation: Lindner Hotel Gallery Central or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date)

  • 日付
    Budapest – Budapest Castle – Matthias Church – Fisherman's Bastion – Little Princess Statue – Boat trip to see the beauty of the Danube River – Vienna, Austria

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 9).
    Then take you on a journey to budapest city Hungary (Budapest) (distance 200 km / 3 hrs.) A country in Central Europe with many beautiful architecture. and the city of Budapest The capital city of Hungary is nicknamed "Hungary". Pearl of the Danube
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal number 10).
    Take you on a journey to take photos with various landmarks. Start by stopping to take photos outside with Budapest Castle (Castle hill) The first castle was located south of Castle Hill to protect against attacks by the Mongols and Tartars. Budapest Castle It is a large Neo-Baroque style building from the 18th century. The castle was heavily damaged in World War II. But much of the exterior has been restored. Matthias Church, now known as the Church of Our Lady, is a great cathedral that is both beautiful and a gathering place for the faith. By the architecture of Matthias Church It is a blend of Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Byzantine styles. Behind Matthias Church, there is Fisherman's Bastion, built between 1800 and 1800. Built between 1895 and 1902, it has seven towers and arches designed in the Neo-Roman style by Frigyes Schulek. From here you all have the best views of the city and the Danube. Little Princess Statue The original sculpture was created in 1972 by László Marton. The artist was inspired by his eldest daughter from his first marriage. She often plays in Taban, dressed as a princess and wearing a crown made from newspaper by her father. It has become a symbol of Budapest from past to present. Another activity that should not be missed. Take a boat trip to see the beauty of the Danube River (cruise fee included in the tour price). The boat trip takes approximately 1 hour. During the cruise, you will see views on both sides of the river that you will notice, such as the Hungarian parliament building. , Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Matthias Church, Statue of Liberty While sailing we will see Margaret Island. Located in the middle of the Danube River. Covered with parks and recreational facilities. Then everyone will travel to Vienna, Austria (distance 243 km / 3.30 hours), which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Full of classical history, music, museums, beautiful churches and palaces.
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 11).
    Accommodation: Austria Trend Ananas or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date.)

  • 日付
    McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Parndorf – Vienna - Hofburg Palace - Vienna City Hall - Goldenes Quartier – Karntner Strasse

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 12).
    Then take everyone to McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Parndorf, Austria (distance 48 km. / 45 minutes.) giving you free time to shop for many brand name products such as GUCCI, BALLY, HUGO BOSS, BENETTON, BURBERRY. , CALVIN KLEIN, CROCS, GEOX, GUESS, LACOSTE, NIKE, OAKLEY, DIESEL and many more.
    Noon: Free lunch at your leisure.
    Take you back to Vienna, Austria (distance 48 km. / 45 minutes). Take pictures outside at Hofburg Palace is a former royal palace in the heart of Vienna. Austria Part of the palace is now the residence and palace of the Austrian president. Vienna City Hall, also known as the Rathaus, is the most beautiful of Vienna's many historic buildings. and within various rooms Decorated in Gothic style There are more than 2,000 personnel working in the building. Then take you on a shopping trip to Goldenes Quartier, one of the most luxurious shopping areas in Vienna. There are around 20 flagship stores from some of the world's most famous brands such as Prada, Valentino, Bottega Veneta and many more. Continue your shopping at Karntner Strasse, Vienna's main shopping street and the longest shopping street in Europe, connecting the State Opera to Stephansplatz. In addition to having various brand stores and fashion stores, you can also see various historical buildings. in Vienna
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 13).
    Accommodation: Austria Trend Ananas or similar hotel. (name of hotel where you are staying The company will notify you with the appointment form 5-7 days before the travel date)

  • 日付
    Vienna International Airport – Abu Dhabi International Airport Stopover for a change

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 14).
    Take you on a journey to Vienna International Airport, Vienna, Austria To travel back to Bangkok
    11.10 a.m. Return to Thailand by ETIHAD AIRWAYYS flight EY054.
    07:20 p.m. Arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport. United Arab Emirates Stopover to change planes
    10:30 p.m. Take you back to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand by flight EY408

  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

    07:30 a.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand safely.

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Grand Hotel International Prague or Equivalent
Lindner Hotel Gallery Central or Equivalent
Austria Trend Ananas or Equivalent
Austria Trend Ananas or Equivalent
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