Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland 7 Days 4 Nights TATFI6582

Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland 7 Days 4 Nights TATFI6582

家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 お参り Full Day Cruise

Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland 7 Days 4 Nights TATFI6582

 リガ, ラトビア
旅行期間 :
06 5月 2023 へ 12 5月 2023
USD 1,225
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  • 日付
    18.30 hrs. Meet at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Gate no. 9, Counter U, Turkish Airlines. Staff are on hand to check the ticket and luggage.
    21.45 hrs. Departure to Vilnius Lithuania by Turkish Airlines Flight TK065
    In the case that some of you travel from foreign countries or provinces, please check the itinerary of each itinerary before booking your private ticket. Since the tour program is a series program and has been conducted several months in advance When changing seasons Travel time may vary slightly.
  • 日付
    Istanbul (Turkey) - Vilnius (Lithuania)
    04.10 hrs. Arrive at Istanbul Airport, Turkey to stop for transit.
    08.05 hrs. Depart by Turkish Airlines Flight TK1409
    10.45 hrs. Arrive at Vilnius Airport, Lithuania Bring you through immigration formalities and baggage inspections. Then take you to travel to the city to visit the city of Vilnius. The capital city of Lithuania and is the largest city in the country. Located on the southeast side See the old town of Vilnius, located between the two rivers Neris and Vilnele and surrounded by green hills. Is the most beautiful city in Lithuania Built in 1323 B.E. The city of Vilnius is famous for its ancient architecture. It has been called the European capital of culture since the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, situated in a medieval town plan. Making UNESCO declared the old town of Vilnius as a World Heritage Site in 1994. See the beauty of beautiful churches And various temples Which is decorated in Baroque and Gothic styles Within the city there are many tourist attractions which are valuable architectural works. Take pictures with various cars, such as St. Ann's Church Which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Vilnius Let you take a picture with another prominent monument of Vilnius. Which are 3 crosses monuments or crosses monuments Was built since the 17th century and is a symbol of the city later Originally made of wood Currently, there is a new maintenance. By building with concrete for strength Which was designed by Polish and Lithuanian architects as well as Lithuanian sculptors By built on a brake hill Allowing you to take pictures and to see the beautiful scenery of the city as well.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you on a tour of the beautiful university buildings of the oldest Baltic region and the oldest in Central Europe. And is currently the largest university in Lithuania The university was founded in 1579 by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland. Take a picture with the Gate of Dawn or the 16th-century city wall. Check out the Old Town, considered the largest old town in Central Europe. And take pictures with the beauty of the old buildings from the 15th to 16th centuries. Take pictures with the old town buildings and the cathedrals. Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit, Church of St. Anne, Church of St. Francis and Bernardine, Vilnius University. And the Gediminas Tower, for example, and take you inside the St. Peter and Paul Church. There is time for you to stroll on the city's main streets, including Gedinus Avenue. Apart from being the main road, it is also home to many government agencies such as the Parliament, the Constitutional Court and various government ministries. It also consists of cultural institutions such as the National Theater. Bank of Lithuania, Institute of Music, National Library Allows you to take pictures with various beautiful buildings. And give you time to shop for souvenirs from the Walking Street area In the evening there will be traffic closures. For people to come out to shop And can give you freedom to walk around Which is the road that connects the palace and square, the church and the old town of Vilnius
    Dinner. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
    Then take you to the Ibis Styles Vilnius or equivalent accommodation.
  • 日付
    Vilnius-Trakai-Kaunas (Lithuania)
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to Trakai (approximately 30 minutes), the former capital of Lithuania. With multi-ethnic populations living together, with Traai being a popular tourist resort Because it was located near the town of Veneus Today's capital city, and Traai is a city with many beautiful natural attractions. The town is surrounded by many lakes. In addition, Traai City also has a valuable historic tourist destination. That allows future generations to learn the history Trakai Castle, a castle that many people call Little Marienburg, is located on a small island. In the grave lake Built during the 14th century Is a castle that the Grand Duke Veattus wished to spend his final life Before becoming a prison during the 17th century by the other side of the castle Is the location of the church and monastery in the Benedictine Church. See the beautiful scenery around the lake and the castle that can tell the story very well in history.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. Kaunas was the temporary capital of Lithuania. In the early 20th century, it was located at the confluence of the Neris River. And the Neman River (It takes about 1 hour to travel.) Stop by to take a photo with the outside of Prasa Kaunas. It is a castle built during the Middle Ages or the 14th century in the Gothic style. 1 in 3 castles still in use today Take a walk in the old town of Kaunas, where the Town Hall or Town Hall is considered the center of the old town. Which was built in the year 1542 as a tower with a height of more than 53 meters, is the tallest building in the old town of Kaunas. Which this building is currently being rebuilt after being destroyed by a fire
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Then take you to the Ibis Kaunas Center or equivalent.
  • 日付
    Kaunas-Sülele (Lithuania) - Rundale-Rika (Latvia)
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to the city of Süllea or São Paulo Siauliai, the 4th largest city in Lithuania, the capital of the São Paulo region. And another city that is old In the past, it was burned seven times in the war. Today, the authorities have restored it to become a cultural center. And an important industrial city of Lithuania (Travel time is approximately 2.30 hours) take you to visit the Cross of the Hill of Crosses, a place that represents the beliefs of people who are Catholic. Which has been around since the war era This place is like a tomb of hundreds of thousands of pieces. Even today, there are still people who are constantly dumping Allowing you to walk, take pictures and enjoy panoramic views
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon led you to travel across the border to Rundale, Rundale, Latvia. (It takes about 1 hour.) Take you to see Rundale Palace, one of the Baroque architecture in Latvia. It used to be the summer residence of Duke Ernst Johann Biron and Russian Empress Anna Ioannovna, Latvia's largest palace. Built in the 18th century by Italian architects Which is the same person who built the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg in Russia This palace was built in Baroque and Roca style. By being a summer palace Surrounded by beautiful gardens during the spring and summer season, they are elegantly decorated. There is spectacular beauty. In addition, you will also get to see the French-style garden. That has been beautifully decorated, full of colorful flowers. Then take you to Riga Riga, the capital city of Latvia. (Takes about 1 hour to travel) take you to see the old town of Riga Which used to be a port city and an important railroad transportation hub in Russia Nowadays, it has been renovated and restored to be modern. Until it became the center of education, culture and industry that is still developing continuously Is a city that has a mixture of Latvian, Russian and German influences combined Admire the beauty of beautiful architecture. Through the traces of the ancient city walls. Art Nouveau Building Built in the middle ages More than 800 years old through the Riga Castle. Which is currently used as the presidential palace Take you outside. The beautiful St. Peter Cathedral is an important Gothic church. And one of the most beautiful in Riga In the past, this church was named The "Merchants Church" was the Merchants Church, which used to be a meeting place for merchants of that era. St. Peter's Church was a Gothic church until 1523, until the transition from Catholicism to Lutheran. Run This church was changed into a Baroque church instead of the Gunpowder Fort. The Powder Tower was originally called the Sand Tower. It was assumed to have been built since 17, with the fort being a place to store dirt and climb. It was destroyed and restored many times until 1999 and is now open as a museum displaying the war of Latvia. Visit the Independence Monument. Located in the center of Riga city Built in 1935 to commemorate the brave soldiers who died in the war for independence of Latvia between the years 1918 to 1940 by this monument. Regarded as a symbol of independence And the freedom of Latvia is up to 42 meters high. The top is decorated with a statue of a woman carrying 3 stars connected together. Which means the unification of all 3 regions of Latvia See the St. Jakob's Church It is the most prominent Catholic church in the old town. See Riga Cathedral on the edge of the square, built in 1211 by Archbishop Albert. Inside there is the largest organ in Europe. The church has been renovated and restored many times. The cathedral style is a combination between Gothic and Baroque. Completed in 1999 to keep up with the celebration of Russia, which marks the 850th anniversary of Moscow. It is considered a symbol of Riga or Latvia. For the convenience of walking and photography and buying various products. Free for you to have dinner at your leisure.
    Appropriate time to make an appointment to travel to accommodation at Rixwell Terrace Design or equivalent.

  • 日付
    Riga (Latvia) - Pernu - Tallinn (Estonia) - Ferry - Helsinki (Finland)
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you across the border to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Which is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland Away from helsinki The capital of Finland is about 70 kilometers using the route through Pernu, Estonia. (Takes about 2 hours) is the most famous summer resort town on the Baltic Sea west coast. Through the beauty of the city, you will see a wooden house in Wooden House, which is another charm of Estonia. Admire the beauty of Pernu Beach, just 15 minutes away from the town of Pernu. During the summer, many locals come to relax at this beach while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Until Tallinn to Tallinn (Travel time is approximately 1 hour)
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon brings you to see the city of Tallinn. It is a city famous for its exquisite architecture during the Middle Ages. Including the foothills in the city still have ancient city walls remaining In addition, the area around the city is full of green parks. With many flowers Which helps to color the small town This place to look bright Full of charming charm Take you on a tour of Tallinn's Old Town, surrounded by city walls and fortresses in the Middle Ages, giving the atmosphere of being a knight. In the Upper Town area View and take pictures outside of Toompea Castle Which is currently the Parliament of Estonia See panoramic views of the city Which is as bright as a painting with an iconic St. Olaf church Take you outside. Alexander Nevsky Church Cathedral with the largest dome in Tallinn. Is a Russian Orthodox architecture It was built in 1900 during Estonia as part of the Russian Tsar Empire. Built in dedication to Prince Alexander Yaroslavitznnovsky. It's time to bring you to the port to Cruise across from Tallinn. Estonia To Helsinki Finland Surf the beautiful baltic sea Allow you to prepare to check in to the boat. When the boat leaves the harbor For you to enjoy the views on both sides of Estonia and Finland. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. Located in the south of the country Coast of the Gulf of Finland Helsinki is known as "Daughter of the Baltic Sea" (takes about 3.30 hours) due to the beauty and outstandingness of culture and architecture influenced by both Europe and Russia. Helsinki was built in 1550. By King Gustav Vacha of Sweden, later under the rule of Russia Helsinki has been changed to the capital of Finland instead of the city of Truku. Helsinki is outstanding among many islands in the Baltic Sea.
    Dinner. Dinner. Buffet dinner aboard.
    When the boat docked at the Helsinki city port Take a coach to bring you to Hotel Haaga Central Park or equivalent.
  • 日付
    Helsinki (Finland) - Istanbul (Turkey)
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to see the city of Helsinki. Capital of finland The city has a long history that has its own identity. You will be impressed by the Russian architecture at the square in front of the church. It was the location of the Oscar-winning movie "Reds", using Helsinki's gigantic scene instead of Leninard in the Soviet Union. Go through the SEN Square in the center of the city and visit the Tempe Liochio Rock-Church.
    Built in the enormous granite mountains Take a picture with Uspenski Cathedral. See the strange-shaped monument of Son Sibelius The Sibelius Monument, a memorial to the world's famous Finnish composer. Take a walk at the market beside the pier, Market Square, which consists of fish market, fruit market and many other products. You will see the way of life of the city people. As well as shopping for local products such as caviar Products made from reindeer skins and many souvenir products
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    15.30 hrs. Leaving you to Helsinki Airport. To prepare for check-in, return And allow time for the tax return process at the airport. Flight TK1764
    22.25 hrs. Arrive at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, then transfer to
  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport
    01.25 hrs. Departure from Istanbul Airport, Turkey by Turkish Airlines. Flight TK0684.
    15.00 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport Well-being ..
    Season changes, flights, or times may change slightly. Travelers connecting to the machine Please check the exact flight and time again.
Meals And Accommodation
Ibis Styles Vilnius or equivalent accommodation.
Ibis Kaunas Center or equivalent.
Rixwell Terrace Design or equivalent.
Hotel Haaga Central Park or equivalent.

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