Denmark Norway Sweden Finland 8 Days 6 Nights TATFI6618

Denmark Norway Sweden Finland 8 Days 6 Nights TATFI6618

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食 お参り Full Day Cruise

Denmark Norway Sweden Finland 8 Days 6 Nights TATFI6618

 オスロ, ノルウェー
旅行期間 :
04 6月 2023 へ 11 6月 2023
USD 1,833
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi - Helsinki (Finland) - Copenhagen (Denmark)
    06.00 hrs. Appointment to the group at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Entrance no. 8, Counter G, Finn Air Airlines. Staff are convenient to check the ticket and luggage.
    08.55 hrs. Leads you to Helsinki. Finland by Finn Air Airlines AY-142 flight
    15.15 Arrival at the Helsinki Airport. Finland Then take you to change the device.
    17.45 hrs. Departure from Helsinki Airport. Finland by Finn Air Airlines AY959
    18.25 hrs. Arrives at Copenhagen airport. Denmark Bring you through immigration formalities and baggage inspections. After that the coach will wait to take you to the city.
    Dinner. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
    Then take you to the Scandic Hotel Hvidovre or equivalent level.
  • 日付
    Copenhagen (Denmark) -DFDS
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to see the city of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, a city with a beautiful atmosphere. And elegant as a fairytale city Copenhagen is both the capital and the coastal city of Denmark. Located on the east coast of Sealand Island And is an important business district Then take you to take a picture with the Little Mermaid. The symbol of the city, which still sits sadly waiting for the prince, based on the famous fairy tale story of world-class storytellers. Hans Christian-Anderson With support from River-Jacobsen Carlsberg Foundation Owner Near the harbor is a large harbor, where boats and cruise ships stand majestically. Through the park you will find the Fountain of God, the goddess of sacrifices and sons who co-built Sealand. Take you to the Amalienborg Palace Square See and take pictures of the outside of the Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of the Danish royal family since 1794, decorated in the Roca style. And the guards will be changed every day at noon when the Queen resides here, just like Buckingham Palace in England. From then, freely, you can see the city hall, the beautiful photo spot of the city. And you will be able to feel the lively atmosphere of the city center From then, bring you Visit Rosenborg Castle It is a castle built in the 17th century in the Renaissance art. Or built during the reign of Christian IV. In addition to the beauty of the outside, the three priests are also home to the Mahamongkut jewels and decorations of the Danish Royal family from the past to the present. You will see the treasure room of the Danish Royal family. In which the castle has been exhibited in large numbers
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to the harbor to take you on a DFDS (DFDS Seaway) cruise from Copenhagen. Denmark to Oslo Norway DFDS is a large cruise ship Which is fully equipped with many amenities such as pubs, bars, sauna rooms, duty-free shops Game room, etc. Please relax and stroll on the boat. Before getting up to see the beautiful view when the boat pulls anchor And have a buffet dinner on the boat Ready to spend the night on this cruise ship Independent, free time Or see the beautiful scenery on the deck or shopping duty free
    Dinner. Dinner at the ship's buffet restaurant. With a variety of menus and soft drinks
    Stay aboard the DFDS (CPH-OSL) cruise ship (Overnight Cruise). The twin 2 Berth Inside cabin is free to relax at your leisure.
  • 日付
    DFDS-Oslo-Gol (Norway)
    Morning Have breakfast on the boat.
    The boat docked at the port of Oslo Allows you to go through the checkout process from the boat. With luggage Coach pick up at the pier Then take you to the city center of Oslo, the capital city of the Kingdom of Norway. The beautiful capital city on the coast of Oslo Fjord, with a beautiful atmosphere with many islets. Creating a beautiful scenery beyond description, leading you to see the Vickers Land Sculpture Park The park, which is a work of sculptors That brought the work of Gustav Vickersland A famous sculptor who has been permanently licensed to exhibit in the Frogner Park. You may have seen a picture of a monolith. The statue of the human life cycle is 17 meters high, which is the image of many people climbing on poles. View the life cycle fountain. With meaning Then take you through the Government House, the Grand Palace, and over 100 years old architectural buildings such as the National Theater, Parliament Building and the City Hall, which is a symbol of the city. Aker Brygge Brook Area and the location of the Art Deco City Hall. Modern architecture Adorned with fountains, gardens and sculptures to blend harmoniously close to The Nobel Peace Center, the place where there is a show about those who have received prestigious awards and beyond is the newly built opera house. With contemporary architectural concepts
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to the city of Gol Gol, a beautiful city surrounded by famous mountains of Norway. The city of the gateway to the land of fjordland and the most popular ski resort in the country And is still a town that still maintains the traditional culture of the Norse village in the early 19th century (takes about 3 hours)
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel.
    Then bring you to Pers Hotel or equivalent level.
    (In the case that Gaul does not have a room, will change to stay in the nearby city or nearby city at the same level.)
  • 日付
    Gol-Good-Wagen - Fjord-Flum-Oslo Cruise
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to Gudvangen Town Harbor, Gudvangen, a small tourist village That is hidden in the county of Sant
    Ogfjordane The fjord is 200 kilometers long from the ocean to the mainland. Good Vanken is a small village. With only a hundred people living But turned out to be the main target that tourists must visit a lot to visit each year (It takes about 2.30 hours.) Take you on a cruise to admire the natural beauty created for you to admire. Along the way, you can admire the fjord, which has the beauty of the mountains, beautiful, peaceful, both waterfalls. Variety Spattering water from a large mountain to the bottom As well as a light blue lake interspersed with mighty pine trees beyond description. You will enjoy the magnificent nature until Flam Flam, the land of Norway's fjord coast, which is characterized by erosion on the coast. The sea is still frozen. The melting and cracking until it has a dented appearance into the land is a very beautiful nature.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon, the coach waits to pick up the pier. Take you to Oslo. Capital city of the Kingdom of Norway The beautiful capital city on the coast of Oslo Fjord, with a beautiful atmosphere with many islets. Creating spectacular scenery that is beyond description (Travel time is approximately 3.30 hours)
    Dinner. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
    Then take you to the Thon Hotel Gardermoen or an equivalent level.
  • 日付
    Oslo (Norway) - Karlstad - Stockholm (Sweden)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Led you to travel across the border to Karlstad, Sweden (approximately 3 hours) The city is located on the banks of the Caravel River. Sweden's longest river And in the Lake Vanen region Appreciate the beautiful nature throughout the journey.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon brings you to see the city of Karlstad, a small, beautiful city. Lakeside of Van Nurn One of the famous cities in Sweden Which is between Stockholm in Sweden and Oslo, Norway Because it is a passing city between these two large cities The city was built by King Karl VI in 1604, so the city was called in the name of Karl-Stad. Here there is the town's cathedral. Built in 1730, the city center square, provincial town hall and stone bridge. This city is a traditional countryside that has been inhabited by the Nordic people for over 1,000 years. Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden Which is on a group of large and small islands surrounded by the Malar Lake, creating a magnificent city By the many canals, earning the nickname "The Queen of the Baltic Sea" (travel time is approximately 3.30 hours)
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Then bring you to Scandic Jarva Krog accommodation or equivalent level.
  • 日付
    Stockholm (Sweden) -Tallink Silja Line
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Bring you to see the city of Stockholm. Start by going through the theater Government House Take you up to see the view on Gelgatan, a high hill on the lake. You will see the beautiful scenery of the harbor, Stockholm, the ancient city island, the Grand Palace.
    The palaces on Staden Island are grand, elegant, with Renaissance architecture. It is currently a reception for Nobel laureates. Bring you to see the Dromning Palace Drottningholm Palace See the majesty of the ancient palace that was built since the 16th century in the year 1662. And was the residence of King Carl 16th Gustav and Queen Sylvia of Sweden Including royalty Which has been in existence since 1981, is an influential and original palace from the Palace of Versailles in France Which throughout the past Dromning Holm Palace Is the residence of members of the royal family from generation to generation. In which each individual left a symbol indicating their identity in the interior Influenced by changes in each period Because it has been undergoing restoration over the past 400 years. This is probably the reason why this palace Maintained the condition since the 16th century. Up until now. Year 1991, UNESCO, then declared the Rotring House in the Holm as a World Heritage Site.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon brings you to see Gamla Stan or Old Town. Bring you to see Stockholm City Hall. City Hall, the symbol of Stockholm. Completed in 1923 And is the largest construction project in Sweden In the 20th century Is the office of the town hall And a Nobel Prize-winning venue every year (except for the peace held in Oslo). The building is constructed of over 8 million red bricks and decorated in the Golden Hall or a mosaic-patterned dance hall. Over 19 million pieces of smooth surface polishing and coated with gold The construction took 12 years. Designed by architect Ragner Ostberg and leading artists at that time. Then take you to see the old town, which has been around since the 13th century, still maintaining the house.
    Greenhouses as well The city streets are also paved with small square stones, allowing you to wander around the old town, as beautiful as a painting dating back to a thriving city. At present, it still leaves traces of being a medieval city. From there, travel to the pier to board the TALLINK SILJA LINE, complete with shops, casinos, duty-free shops, restaurants, sauna, spa rooms, etc. Take you to Helsinki. Finland
    Dinner. Buffet dinner at the restaurant on board.
    Stay aboard the TALLINK SILJA (STO-HEL) Overnight Cruise, a 2 Berth Inside Cabin double room.
  • 日付
    Tallink Silja Line-Helsinki - Airport (Finland)
    Morning Have breakfast on the boat.
    Allows you to go through the checkout process and receive luggage The coach will pick you up at the pier and take you to Helsinki town. See Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. Located in the south of the country Coast of the Gulf of Finland Helsinki is known as "Daughter of the Baltic Sea" due to its beauty and outstanding Of culture and architecture influenced by both Europe and Russia Helsinki was built in 1550. By King Gustav Vacha of Sweden Later, during the fall of Russian rule, Helsinki was changed to the capital of Finland, instead of the city of Truku. Helsinki is outstanding among many islands in the Baltic Sea. Take a tour of the city that has a long history that has its own identity. You will be impressed by the Russian architecture at the square in front of the church. Which was the location of the Oscar-winning movie "Reds", using Helsinki's gigantic scene instead of Leninard in the Soviet Union. Then take you to see the Senate Square (Senate Square) in the city, visit the Temple of the Church in Rome (Rock-Church), built on a gigantic granite mountain. Then take you to see the city that has a long history, beginning with the majestic Market Square, with a neoclassical building decorated with a green dome, regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe, which is Parliament Square, in the center of the square, is the monument to the Tsar Alexander II of Russia.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    14.00 hrs. Prepare you to travel to Helsinki airport. And allow time for you to do tax returns
    17.30 hrs. Departure from Helsinki Airport by Finn Air, flight AY-141.
  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport
    07.15 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport Well-being ..
Meals And Accommodation
Scandic Hotel Hvidovre or equivalent level.
DFDS (CPH-OSL) cruise ship (Overnight Cruise)
Pers Hotel or equivalent level.
Thon Hotel Gardermoen or an equivalent level.
Scandic Jarva Krog accommodation or equivalent level.
TALLINK SILJA (STO-HEL) Overnight Cruise 2 Berth Inside Cabin double room.

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  • Round-trip airfare by Finn Air from Bangkok-Helsinki-Copenhagen / Helsinki-Bangkok in economy class

  • Hotel accommodation as specified (2 people per 1 room)

  • Admission to various places, food and beverages according to the list, and transportation fees between the tours as specified.

  • All airport taxes that are

  • Company guide fee from Bangkok That is convenient for you throughout your travels abroad

  • Accident insurance coverage in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person for children under 1 year and adults over 75 years with a coverage limit of 500,000 baht (medical expenses only Does not include other expenses Caused by an accident such as fare, accommodation, food, etc. This is according to the conditions of the insurance company)

  • Fuel taxes and travel insurance fees that are collected from the airline. Which is the rate charged on November 7, 2019, if there is any additional later or the inverse rate for any fuel or tax Will have to pay additional according to the airline's terms and conditions

  • Luggage weight in case of exceeding the stipulated airlines (23 kg per person per piece / 1 person only)

  • Passport processing fee

  • Fee for luggage delivery everywhere

  • Schengen visa application fee And translation service fees, including appointments, 4,600 baht per person (paid with the tour fee before the departure of the group)

  • Tips for the driver and the local guide in the palace and the old town, and the tip of the tour leader who travels with the group 1,900 baht per person (paid with the tour before the departure).

  • Personal expenses other than the specified items, such as beverages and food that are ordered by themselves, telephone fees, laundry fees, etc., or other unexpected expenses such as fuel adjustment, visa fees Or other fees related to visas or others not listed

  • Commission fee for permits to return to the country of foreigners or foreigners

  • Drinking water during the tour (Drinking water is not supplied during the tour)

  • Other insurance fees Other than tour programs And travelers want to do more, such as severe natural disasters or property or flight delays or lost property etc.

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