Switzerland Jungfrau Zermatt Montreux Lausanne 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH8312

Switzerland Jungfrau Zermatt Montreux Lausanne 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH8312

冒険 ビーチと太陽 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング お参り Free Day National Park 4 Stars Hotel Flower Field Cruise Grilled buffet Farm No Shop Lake Museum

Switzerland Jungfrau Zermatt Montreux Lausanne 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH8312

 ルツェルン, スイス
旅行期間 :
28 3月 2024 へ 03 4月 2024 Period Other time
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  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi International Airport - Hamad International Airport, Qatar, stopover

    04:30 p.m. together at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. International Departure Building, 4th Floor, QATAR AIRWAYS Counter, with company officials waiting to welcome you and facilitate documentation.
    07:10 p.m. Take you to Zurich, Switzerland by QATAR AIRWAYS (QR) flight QR835.
    10:35 p.m. Arrive at Hamad International Airport, Qatar, stopover for transit.

  • 日付
    Zurich International Airport Switzerland – Bern – Zeit Glocke clock – Einstein House – Brown Bear Pond – Bern City Hall – Lausanne – Lausanne Cathedral – Hotel Beau Rivage Palace – Lausanne City Hall – Saint-François Reformed Church

    02:30 a.m. Take you on a journey to Zurich International Airport by QATAR AIRWAYS (QR) flight QR093
    07:00 a.m. Arrive at Zurich International Airport. Switzerland Take you through immigration and customs formalities. Take you through immigration and customs procedures. (Local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand)
    Then take you to Bern (Bern) (distance 129 km. / 2 hours), the elegant capital of the country. And it is a priceless World Heritage city that has been preserved until today in Bern. Was built in the Middle Ages in Europe. UNESCO has declared part of Bern a heritage city. Take you through the ZYT GLOGGE Clock Tower, the most famous medieval clock tower of the area. Bern Old Town Built in the 13th century, it is 800 years old. There is a show every hour when the clock strikes the time. Today it is one of the most famous symbols of Bern. Einstein House, house number 49 Kramgasse, the house where Albert Einstein lived for a time. Currently, it is a museum displaying various appliances. of this world-famous physicist Brown Bear Pond (Bear Pit) When you arrive in this city, you must stop by to see the bear first. which is the symbol of Bern that is the symbol of Bern Because it has an ancient history Since the time when the rulers of Bern in that era had been hunting The first animal to be hunted is a bear. Town Hall, the building that houses the Grand Council of Bern. Bern's Executive Council and the Grand Council of Bern The building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town of Bern and is a Swiss heritage site of national importance.
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 1).
    Then you will be taken to your accommodation in Lausanne (distance 101 km. / 1 hour 30 minutes). It is the capital of the World Olympic Games and was also the city where His Majesty King Rama IX lived and studied during his reign. Still young Take you on a journey to Lausanne Cathedral (Cathédrale de Lausanne) or its full name is Notre Dame Cathedral of Lausanne (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Lausanne) is a cathedral-level Protestant Christian church in Lausanne. Switzerland This cathedral began in 1170 and completed in 1235, the cathedral was later proclaimed dedicated to the Virgin Mary by a proclamation by Pope Gregory X in 1275. Visit the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel (Beau-Rivage). Palace), one of the most luxurious and legendary hotels in Lausanne. Switzerland It has been situated on the shores of Lake Geneva since 1861 and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The Townhall of Lausanne is just a few steps from the Fountain of Justice. Located on Place de la palud, it dates back to the 17th century. Note the dragon-shaped water trough. Swiss Reformed Church of Saint-François (Swiss Reformed Church of Saint-François), or simply called that Saint-François Church is a Protestant cathedral. In 1258, Franciscans who traveled from Besançon settled in Lausanne. To build a convent together with a church dedicated to Francis of Assisi1 This convent Like the church, it is surrounded by wooden houses and has a wooden ceiling. It burned during a fire in the city in 1368; Only the choir has been preserved to this day. The church was then rebuilt through the generosity of local dignitaries, whose coat of arms was reproduced in the nave vault.3 In 2011, the interior of the church was completely redesigned4 as part of A concept called "Healthy Soul"
    Evening: Eat dinner (2nd meal).
    Accommodation at Movenpick Lausanne or similar level (The name of the hotel you will be staying at will be notified by the company along with the appointment form 5-7 days before travelling.)

  • 日付
    Lausanne - Tasse - Zermatt - Matterhorn - Kirchbrücke Bridge

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (3rd meal).
    Take everyone on a journey to the city of Tasch (Distance 140 km. / 2 hrs.) Take you on a journey to Zermatt Village Zermatt by Shuttle Train from Tasse Train Station to Zermatt Train Station. (The tour price includes the passenger train fare for the trip to Zermatt.) Let you wander around the village of Zermatt, which has a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by beautiful high mountains. It is a city that is free from air pollution because vehicles in the city do not use fuel. But it only uses batteries. Zermatt is a city with a very small population. and the main occupation of the native people are hotel and restaurant employees The city's main income comes from tourism during the summer and winter. On days when the weather permits From the cities below if the weather is nice and clear. will be able to see Matterhorn peak It is known as the most beautiful mountain peak in Switzerland, at a height of 3,833 meters above sea level. which is the height of the Matterhorn peak Standing tall among the Alps and has a shape that is unique to the Matterhorn Triangular like a pyramid with the highest point at the top. And it is even more outstanding when this unique identity is the logo of the famous Tubberrone chocolate.
    Noon: Eat lunch (4th meal)
    Then take you to check in. Kirchbrücke Bridge is an area where the Vispa River flows. The color of this river is grey. Because it is caused by the melting of ice cream. From the bridge you can see the Matterhorn peak as well. Give yourself free time to choose to walk and admire the beautiful atmosphere of Sur village.
    Match at your leisure or Optional tour!! Take the Gornergrat bahn line, also known as the mountain railway, up to the top of the Gornergrat to see the beauty of the Matterhorn peak. The train station is located in Zermatt. Gornergrat The route takes 33 minutes from Zermatt to Gornergrat. The train begins its climb to an altitude of more than 1,500 meters to 3,100 meters above sea level. You can stop off at Findelbach, Riffelalp, Riffelberg and Rotenboden central stations. Each station offers nature highlights with views of the Matterhorn. Most stations are covered with snow most of the year. Freedom at your leisure until the appointed time.
    (The cost of the Gornergrat bahn train ride is not included in the tour price. If you want to reserve OPTION, you can contact us. from the tour leader and local guide)
    Evening: Eat dinner (5th meal).
    Accommodation: Hotel Mountime or similar level (The name of the hotel you will be staying at will be notified by the company along with the appointment form 5-7 days before travelling.)

  • 日付
    Montreux - Freddie Mercury Statue - Montreux Casino - Vevey - Charlie Chaplin Statue - Interlaken

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (6th meal).
    Take you on a journey to Montreux (Distance 139 km. / 2 hrs.) is a small city. Lovely by Lake Geneva Surrounded by wineries and with the Alps as a background. Take you on a check-in trip. Statue of Freddie Mercury (Freddie Mercury Status), he was a singer. British songwriter and producer Best known as the lead singer of the band Queen. Very famous rock band A famous figure throughout Lake Geneva. Then take you to see the outside of Montreux Casino (Casino de Montreux) Rue du Theater was built on the site of the famous original complex, which opened in 1883 and burned down on December 4, 1971 (it was this event, which "came along with Frank Zappa's concert and served as the driving force for creating the famous Deep Purple hit - Smoke On The Water)
    Noon: Eat lunch (meal 7)
    Take you to the city of Vevey (Distance 7 km. / 15 minutes), a lovely, romantic town located in the canton of Vau of Switzerland. Tourists call Vevey the Pearl of the Swiss Riviera because of the nice, warm weather in almost every season. and this city is also the location of The headquarters of the world's largest food company, Nestle. Stop to take photos with the highlight of the city, the statue of "Charlie Chaplin" (Chaplin Statue), an Englishman whose work made him famous in America with his passion. and he chose Vevey as a resting place at the end of his life. Then take everyone on a journey to Interlaken (Interlaken) (distance 144 km. / 2.15 hrs.), small resort town. Beautiful like in a dream It is a city of two lakes. Located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Bienz is surrounded by mountains and offers very pristine and beautiful scenery.
    Evening: Eat dinner (8th meal).
    Metropole accommodation or similar level accommodation (The name of the hotel you will be staying at will be notified by the company along with the appointment form 5-7 days before travelling.)

  • 日付
    Interlaken - Grindelwald - Lauterbrunnen - Eigergletcher Station - Jungfraujoch - Ice Castle - Alpine Sensation - Sphinx Zhall – Zug - Lohri AG Store - Lucerne

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 9).
    Take you to the train station. Grindelwald (Grindelwald Terminal) (distance 21 km. / 30 minutes) takes you on a journey to city of lauterbrunnen (Lauterbrunnen) (distance 15 km. / 30 minutes) Then take you by 2nd CLASS train to Eiger Gletscher Station. (Eigergletcher station), which is a connection point to the Jungfrau train that takes passengers. Jungfrau mountain peak (JUNGFRAUJOCH) Highest point in Europe. on the alps Surrounded by the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains, it is also the first area in the Alps to be designated a World Heritage Site. Take you on a sightseeing trip The Ice Palace is made from piles of ice that form 20 meters below the observation deck. It's a great photo spot here, where two mountain guides began carving ice into a 1,000 square meter wide hall. Using only an ice chisel and saw in the 1930s, a cave-like path was created. To see various ice sculptures The temperature inside the cave is kept constant at -3 degrees. Alpine Sensation Adventure Tunnel, one of Jungfrau's attractions. The 250 meter long tunnel tells the story of the Jungfrau Railway and the development of tourism in the Alps. There is a 360-degree movie screen in the Sphinx Hall. The film transports viewers into the Alpine world that surrounds the Jungfrau Sphinx Hall (Sphinx Observatory). Take the fastest elevator in Switzerland for just 25 seconds. An observation room where you can see the glacier in all weather conditions. On clear days, it opens onto an outdoor observation deck 3,571 meters above sea level with views of the Aletsch glacier. Look beyond France. Germany and Italy as well.
    Noon: Have lunch (meal 10). Food is served on the Jungfrau so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the most magnificent scenery.
    Then take you down from the top of Jungfrau mountain by 2nd CLASS train from Lauterbrunnen station to Eigerglertcher station. To take the Eiger Express cable car back to Eiger Gletcher Station. (Eigergletcher station) (Ropeway and train tickets are included in the tour price) Then take you to visit the city of Zug (ZUG) (distance 108 km. / 1.45 hours) which is the richest city in the country. And Zug is ranked among the world's ten cleanest cities. It is an old city that still maintains the beauty of the European stone floors of the Middle Ages. You will love this city. What will impress you is the feeling of fresh and clean air, probably because the city is located on a lake. Freedom to shop at Lohri AG Store, which has world-class watches for you to choose from such as Patek Philippe, Franck Muller Cartier, Piaget, Parmigiani Fleurier, Panerai, IWC, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, etc. travel to Lucerne (distance 32 km / 30 minutes)
    Evening: Eat dinner (meal 11).
    Accommodation: Ibis Styles Luzern City or similar. (The name of the hotel you will be staying at will be notified by the company along with the appointment form 5-7 days before travelling.)

  • 日付
    Lucerne – carved stone lions – see the wooden chapel bridge – Schwanenplatz – Zurich International Airport Switzerland - Hamad International Airport, Qatar, stopover

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel (meal 12).
    Take you on a journey Check-in for sightseeing in Lucerne Let's start with the symbol of the city. The Dying Lion of Lucerne is carved into a natural rock cliff. It commemorates the brave sacrifice of Swiss soldiers in the French Revolution in 1792. See the wooden Chapel Bridge, which is 204 meters long, spanning the river. Reuss River, the symbol of Lucerne, is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. Built in 1333, under the bridge's roof there are historical paintings of the Swiss along the bridge. Free to walk around Schwanenplatz This is the main shopping area for tourists visiting Lucerne. There are many shops here, cafes, restaurants, and there is even a Rolex factory in the area. Surrounding shops sell local Swiss handicrafts. Some shops sell souvenirs, chocolates, jewelry, etc.
    Noon: Free lunch at your leisure.
    It is appropriate time to take you on a journey. Zurich International Airport (distance 68 km. / 1 hr.) to return to Bangkok.
    03:40 p.m. Return to Thailand by QATAR AIRWAYS (QR) flight QR096.
    11:30 p.m. Arrive at Hamad International Airport, Qatar, stopover for transit.

  • 日付
    Hamad International Airport - Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

    02:20 a.m. Return to Bangkok by QATAR AIRWAYS (QR) flight QR836.
    12.50 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand safely.

Meals And Accommodation
Movenpick Lausanne or Equivalent
Hotel Mountime or Equivalent
Metropole or Equivalent
Ibis Styles Luzern City or Equivalent
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