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The first Europeans to arrive on Mauritius were the Portuguese. In 1598 Dutch sailors arrived on a small island in the Indian Ocean and named Mauritius after Prince Maurice de. Nassau their head. The Dutch were therefore the first to settle on the island. And leading sugarcane to plant in Mauritius before moving out in 1710 and five years later, the French East India Company has taken over the island of Mauritius and changed its name to. "Isle de France" later established Port Louis (named after Louis XV) as the capital city of Mauritius. Trade has grown since then. Mauritius was able to supply ample supply of sugar and rum to surrounding islands and ships. In 1810, England took over Mauritius after France. The two sides signed the Treaty of Paris in 1814, confirming the full British possession of Mauritius. Until the independence on March 12, 1868, which is considered the current Mauritius Day. Mauritius became independent and became a member of the British Commonwealth on March 12, 1968, with Queen Elizabeth II of England as Head of State and represented by the Governor-General. He is based in Mauritius. By requiring the president to be the head of state instead Mauritius became a republic on March 12, 1992 with the President as Head of State.

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