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歴史、言語と文化 ナイジェリア

18th Century History Today Nigeria was the center of the slave trade. The British took over the port of Lagos in August 1851, and later expanded its influence to the territory surrounding the port city of Lagos and the Niger River Basin, leading to the formation of its own politically organized Royal Niger Company. Until January 1, 1900, the Company transferred the territory to British rule and established. "Colonial and Protectorate State of Nigeria"


In 1914, the Federal Republic of Nigeria gained full independence on October 1, 1960, and became a republic on October 1, 1963, after which there was a coup on January 15. 1966 and racial and regional conflicts arise. Because the Hausa North is afraid of being dominated by the tribe. Igbo in the east of the country The Eastern Region decided to withdraw and form the Republic of Biafra in May 1967, the beginning of a bloody civil war. This was protracted by foreign intervention and severe food shortages.

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