History, Language & Culture コンゴ共和国

歴史、言語と文化 コンゴ共和国

the Portuguese were the first to arrive at the mouth of the Congo River. The 15th century and the port city of Loango in the Kouilou district was one of the largest ports involved in the 18th century slave trade.France later conquered Congo in 1882 and designated Congo as part of Equatorial Africa. In the french empire Between 1891 and 1903, France's President Charles de Gaulle designated Brazzaville as the capital of the French Empire and the French Liberation Zone. Congo gained independence from France on October 15, 1960, with Fulbert Youlou as its first president.


The fighting between the government and the opposition came after the 1992 elections and temporarily ended between 1994-1995, when the government allocated a portion of the government's seats to the opposition. However, a full-fledged political war erupted in 1997 when. There were clashes between government forces and general supporters. Sassou-Nguesso Which received military support from Angola when the troops of the General Sassou-Nguesso Able to capture Brazzaville successfully, President Lissouba fled to Burkina Faso. While the general Sassou-Nguesso Announced victory and sworn in as president in October 1997, then the presidential election was held in March 2002 and the government was established to run the country until now.

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