Public Holidays in 香港

Public & Holidays 香港

1 January                                                          New Year's Day

1st day of 1st month (Lunar calendar)              Lunar New Year

2nd day of the 1st month (Lunar calendar )      Second day of Lunar New Year

3rd day of the 1st month (Lunar calendar)        Third day of Lunar New Year

5 April (4 April in leap years)                             Ching Ming Festival

2 days before Easter (see Computus)              Good Friday

Day after Easter                                                Easter Monday

1 May                                                                Labour Day

8th day of the 4th month (Lunar calendar)       Buddha's Birthday

1 July                                                                Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

16th day of the 8th month (Lunar calendar)     Day following the Mid-Autumn Festival

1 October                                                          National Day

9th day of the 9th month (Lunar calendar)      Chung Yeung Festival

25 December                                                   Christmas Day

26 December                                                   Day following Christmas (Boxing Day)

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