Public Holidays in 北朝鮮

Public & Holidays 北朝鮮

1 January                 New Year

16 February             Birth date of Kim Jong Il

8 March                    International Women's Day

20 March                  March Equinox (Season)

15 April                     Birth Date of Kim Il Sung

25 April                    Chosun People's Army Foundation Day

1 May                       May Day

6 June                     Chosun Children's Union Foundation Day

21 June                   June Solstice (Season)

27 July                     Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War

15 August                Liberation Day

25 August                Day of Songun

9 September           National Day

23 September         September Equinox (Season)

10 October              Party Foundation Day

16 November          Mother's Day (Observance)

22 December          December Solstice (Season)

27 December          Constitution Day

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