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France ruled the archipelago since 1789 and has since become a colony of France, named French Polynesia. Later, French Polynesia was promoted to French Overseas Territory. Until 2004, the territory was established as a French Overseas Country, with the French government allowing French Polynesia to have a president. The first President of French Polynesia was Gastong Tong Song, serving in 2004.


French Polynesia is part of the Pacific Ocean. And is the most popular tourist destination It's made up of 118 islands, spanning more than 2,500 square miles, soaring volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs and emerald lakes provide some of the most spectacular scenery in the South Pacific. This island is where you find those gorgeous bungalows on stilts above the blue sea. It's a tropical paradise Due to their remoteness and their famous and ideal honeymoon appeal.

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