Passport & Visaグリーンランド

パスポート&ビザ グリーンランド

1. passport that is not expired and must have at least 3 months remaining validity until the date of travel. Back to Thailand


2.Copy of passport first page Pages that have been changed and those with visas. In the previous Schengen, America or England group


3.A color photograph, width 3.5 cm., Height 4.5 cm. (Measuring 3.5 cm. From hair to chin) , 1 light colored backdrop


4. Proof of work

4.1 Work certificate Specify position, salary and vacation (in English) or

4.2 Business registration or

4.3 Commercial registration or

4.4 Letter of recommendation from an educational institution (in English)


5.Financial evidence for the past 3 months, such as passbook, bank statement, in case of business contact, must show evidence of financial both personal and company.


6.Documents confirming the booking of air tickets, trains, boats used for travel


7.Documents confirming hotel reservations in Denmark and other Schengen countries. To travel in the same time


8. Health and travel accident insurance Control limit of 30,000 euros or 1,500,000 baht


9. Documents showing name-surname change (if any), original and copies


10. Invitation letter from Danish company / person

10.1 For business visas

10.2 for visiting visas, relatives, friends, girlfriend, fiance

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