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Iceland was under Danish rule after the separation of Danish-Norwegian Union Iceland gained a new constitution in 1874, the year celebrating one millennium of settlement in Iceland. The new constitution gives Iceland the power of internal affairs. There was another amendment to the 1904 constitution, which gave Iceland self-governing power. Iceland became an independent state in 1918 with the King of Denmark as the head of state, with Denmark to manage foreign affairs and defense after Germany occupied Denmark in 1940. During World War II Altinghi then decided to manage his own foreign affairs and proclaimed a neutral policy, but was defeated by the Allies.Seize later Beginning with the United Kingdom Army And later the United States Army The Allies maintained their forces in Iceland until the end of the war. Ireland is a republic in the year 2487 with Sven-year-old Bayern hidden (Sveinn Björnsson) Works as president Dean first. Iceland was a founding member of the European Organization for Economic Cooperation (now the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ) and NATO Iceland entered into a military agreement with the United States in 1951, granting The United States establishes a military base in Iceland. Which lasted until 2006, Iceland had many conflicts with United Kingdom In regard to the expansion of Iceland's fishing waters during 1958, 1972 and 1978, it is known as the Cod Wars. Iceland joins European Free Trade Association And is a founding member of European Economic Area. Iceland's primary language is Icelandic is a language in the North Germanic group. Which still looks close to Old Norse language More than any other Scandinavian language. English and Danish are compulsory courses of study .

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