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歴史、言語と文化 Kosovo

Kosovo has its original inhabitants since the Bronze Age, the Illyrian Dardani, with historical evidence indicating the Dardania Kingdom around 400 BC. Kosovo region was called Dardania until the 19th century, later around 100 BC. Dardania came to the rule of the Roman and Byzantine Empire. The Serbs migrated to the region with a series of migrants that descended from the Urals in the 7th and 8th centuries to settle in the southeastern part of Europe. And scattered out on behalf of various parties including the Serb Croats in Macedonia and Slovenia immigration of these groups cause a collision with the owner of the land until the year of 1749The Serbs were able to occupy the territory of the Kosovo region. But later they faced a greater power, the Ottoman Turks. Which has seized and governed this region 500 years starting from the Kosovo War ( 1932 ) until 1912.


After the Balkan War in 1912, Serbia occupied Kosovo. And became part of Yugoslavia in 1918. After World War II. The country was ruled by a socialist regime. (Not up to the Soviet Union) with General Tito Presidency And when the communist regime collapsed in 1989, the states that made up Yugoslavia split into independent nations: Slovenia, Croatia , Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro.


Kosovo itself from the problems of the criminal fanaticism of the US push for a Los Che Norwich from 2533 until the end tension when Serb troops entering Muslim genocide in Kosovo. The year 1998 caused NATO to reach out to help. By sending bombers until Serbia had to withdraw its troops And in June 1999 , 40,000 NATO troops entered Kosovo security. It ended Serbia's role in Kosovo. Made since year That since Kosovo is therefore a province of Serbia only in name. While all administration is under the supervision of the United Nations. It is served by the United Nations military forces led by NATO to secure the country.


After the Kosovo parliament unanimously approved Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Tachi. It announced the separation of Kosovo from Serbia as an independent country on February 17 , 2008. The main countries supporting Kosovo independence were the United States and the European Union.


Official language Albanian Bien

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