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歴史、言語と文化 ポルトガル

Portugal was the home where civilizations varied steadily over the past 3,500 years, including the Iberians , Celts , Phoenicians and Phoenicians. Carthage (Carthaginians) Greek (Greeks) the Romans (Romans), the German tribes (Germanic tribespeople) the civilization of the Arabs (Arabians) have been trampled on mainland Portugal now all in the name of "Portugal", he indicated. Tells of most of the ancient history of this country already Because the root of the word Portugal. This is the name the Romans gave the name "Portus Cale." It is likely that the word is derived from the Christmas word between Greek and Latin.Which means During the 15th and 16th centuries , Portugal was an economic, political and cultural power, with the Portuguese Empire expanding its power throughout the world. When other great powers developed in colonialism Portugal then deteriorates.


Portugal today is rooted in The revolution calls for democracy. That overturned the dictatorship regime (Or the one-party administration), which was established since the year 2469 (AD 1926) until it was overthrown in the year 2517 (AD 1974), then later. Became a member of the European Economic Community or the European Economic Community ( European Union at present) in the year 2529 (1986) Portugal developed its economy and society rapidly in the period of 20-30 years. Past in 20th century. And The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, it is a language that belongs to Romance languages Among these languages are Spanish, French and Italian, with approximately 10,000,000 domestic speakers (2012) and approximately 203,349,200 people worldwide

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