Passport & Visaスロベニア

パスポート&ビザ スロベニア

Slovak visa application documents

1. A completed visa application form.

2. Passport with at least 6 months validity.

3. Two photographs taken with white background, width 3.5 cm., Height 4.5 cm., Not more than 3 months.

4. Proof of work

• Work certificate (English) stating days off, or

• Business registration or commercial registration or

• Letter of recommendation from an educational institution (in English)

5. Financial evidence Past 6 months such as passbook, bank certificate

6. Flight Ticket

7. Evidence (original) of hotel / accommodation reservations

8.Health and travel accident insurance, insured at least 30,000 euros or 1,500,000 baht.

9. Letter of invitation from company or organization in Slovak Republic. (For business visa)

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