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Colorful Guizhou Airlines Fleet

Colorful Guizhou Airlines fleet is made up completely of Embraer aircraft. The airline has over five Embraer E190s within its fleet.

カラフル貴州航空会社 routes

Colorful Guizhou Airlines flies to the following destinations in China as of August 2017:

Subdivision : Anhui
City : Hefei
Airport : Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

Subdivision : Chongqing
City : Wanzhou
Airport : Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport

Subdivision : Fujian
City : Fuzhou
Airport : Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Subdivision : Guangdong
City : Zhuhai
Airport : Zhuhai Jinwan Airport

Subdivision : Guizhou
City : Bijie
Airport : Bijie Feixiong Airport

Subdivision : Guizhou
City : Guiyang
Airport : Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

Subdivision : Guizhou
City : Kaili
Airport : Kaili Huangping Airport

Subdivision : Guizhou
City : Tongren
Airport : Tongren Fenghuang Airport

Subdivision : Hainan
City : Haikou
Airport : Haikou Meilan International Airport

Subdivision : Hebei
City : Shijiazhuang
Airport : Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport

Subdivision : Hubei
City : Wuhan
Airport : Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

Subdivision : Hunan
City : Changsha
Airport : Changsha Huanghua International Airport

Subdivision : Jiangsu
City : Nanjing
Airport : Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Subdivision : Jiangsu
City : Nantong
Airport : Nantong Xingdong Airport

Subdivision : Jiangsu
City : Yancheng
Airport : Yancheng Nanyang International Airport

Subdivision : Jiangxi
City : Nanchang
Airport : Nanchang Changbei International Airport

Subdivision : Shaanxi
City : Xi'an
Airport : Xi'an Xianyang International Airport

Subdivision : Shandong
City : Jinan
Airport : Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport

Subdivision : Shandong
City : Yantai
Airport : Yantai Penglai International Airport

Subdivision : Sichuan
City : Mianyang
Airport : Mianyang Nanjiao Airport

Subdivision : Tianjin
City : Tianjin
Airport : Tianjin Binhai International Airport

Subdivision : Zhejiang
City : Hangzhou
Airport : Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Subdivision : Zhejiang
City : Ningbo
Airport : Ningbo Lishe International Airport

Subdivision : Zhejiang
City : Taizhou
Airport : Taizhou Luqiao Airport        

Let's get to know before flying with カラフル貴州航空会社

Founded in 2015, Colorful Guizhou Airlines is a Chinese airline offering domestic scheduled passenger throughout Western China. The airline is locally owned by the Guizhou province and is situated at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport.

Colorful Guizhou Airlines was officially launched in June 2015, when the airline announced its name, planned routes and its first order of Embraer aircraft. In December of the same year, Colorful Guizhou Airlines received its first Embraer aircraft and before the end of the year flew its inaugural flight from Guiyang to Bijie.


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