Taiwan Taichung Nantou Taoyuan Taipei 4Days 3Nights TATTW 8496

Taiwan Taichung Nantou Taoyuan Taipei 4Days 3Nights TATTW 8496

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング Temple Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight Cruise Museum Ximending Taipei 101

Taiwan Taichung Nantou Taoyuan Taipei 4Days 3Nights TATTW 8496

  • 日付
    Suvarnabhumi Airport – Taoyuan Airport – Feng Chia Night Market – Taichung City

    07:00 a.m. Make an appointment together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th Floor, Departure Building VIETJET AIR (VZ) airline counter with a Letsco Group welcome sign and staff available to provide convenience and provide travel information to you.
    09.55 a.m. Take you on a journey to Taoyuan Airport, Republic of China (Taiwan) by VIETJET AIR flight VZ562, travel time approximately 3 hours 55 minutes.
    Noon: Food and drink service on board.
    02:40 p.m. Arrive at Taoyuan Airport, Republic of China (Taiwan). After that, you will be taken through immigration procedures, pick up your baggage (local time is 1 hour faster than Thailand), and be ready to depart for sightseeing.
    Take you on a journey to Feng Chia Night Market is located in Taichung. Near Feng Chia University, covering areas including Feng Chia-Wenhua Night Market, Feng Chia Rd., and Fuxing Road. Rd.) This night market is considered to be Taichung's famous night market and the largest in Taiwan. There are many things for sale so everyone can freely shop to their heart's content. Inside there are good quality products, clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and local food. and many street foods to taste deliciously
    Recommended shoe store: ABC MART is a center for various famous brand shoes. that are popular such as Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas, Nike, Convers and many other brand shoes. Some models in the store are considered cheaper than the market and when comparing the price with that model Cheaper in Thailand In addition, the store also regularly organizes discount promotions. Another thing that is famous is Taiwanese appetizers. The famous menu here includes bubble milk tea, fried chicken, lu wei, stinky tofu, and many other interesting dishes.
    Introducing delicious food, giant fried chicken HOT-STAR, a famous fried chicken restaurant that is popular with tourists and Taiwanese people. At this restaurant, every piece of chicken is always freshly fried. The chicken meat is large and very soft. The batter is crispy and delicious, not too thick, and the price is 70 NTD per piece. And the restaurant doesn't just serve large pieces of fried chicken. There are also many menus for you to choose from.
    In the evening, lunch is served at a restaurant with a special Taiwanese style shabu buffet menu.
    Accommodation: STAY HOTEL TAICHUNG, 4 star level or equivalent

  • 日付
    Wenwu Temple - Sun Moon Lake Cruise - Lalu Island - Enzyme Shop - Taipei City - Longshan Temple - Ximending District

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you to Wenwu Temple, built in 1938, located on the right side of Sun Moon Lake. Inside the temple are statues of Confucius and the god Guan Yu. (god of wisdom and the god of honesty) which Taiwanese believe If you worship the god Guan Yu You will be successful in your career. There are only loyal people. Or if you plan anything will be successful as desired Therefore making it popular among Taiwanese people. Those who come to worship and ask for blessings from the gods in this temple, in front are two marble lions (Chinese Guardian Lion) valued at NT$1 million each, showing the greatness and uniqueness of Wenwu Temple. Taiwanese believe them to be guardian lions and will always live in male-female pairs. In which the male on the right steps on the globe. The female is on the left with a young lion cub.
    Worshiping sacred things within Wenwu Temple is divided into 3 points as follows.
    Point One: Guan Yu In the position of sitting on a throne Chinese and Taiwanese people often come to pray for success in their careers. Prosperous business Safe from danger At this point, Taiwanese people often bring cat's eye jade, bags, or purses and circle the incense burner 3 times in order to attract money and gold. and enhance the prestige of cat's eye jade
    Second point: Wucheng Temple, where Guan Yu is seated on a throne alongside Yue Fei. They are both gods of action. Some legends say that the gods Yue Fei was another form of Guan Yu. At this point it is often popular to ask for blessings related to wisdom. and honesty
    Third stop: Dacheng Temple, where the god Confucius is enshrined. At this point, it is often popular to ask for blessings related to education, study, or wisdom.
    Noon: Lunch served at a special restaurant!! Famous menu: Presidential fish
    Take you on a group boat cruise on Sun Moon Lake, allowing you to see the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake, an important landmark in Taiwan. The origin of the name Sun Moon Lake comes from its shape in the north resembling the sun. In the south, it is round in shape, resembling the moon. The area around the lake is also rich in natural resources and many creatures such as fish, birds and other animals. Various species
    While cruising to admire the beautiful atmosphere in the lake, there is Lalu Island located in the middle of Sun Moon Lake. It is known as an island on the water. In the past, this area was inhabited by indigenous tribes. Until 1946, the Taiwanese government changed the name to Guanghua Island. Later, in 1999, a major earthquake caused the lake to collapse. The sun and moon were damaged, resulting in the discovery of remains of ancient civilizations and items used by indigenous tribes. Until the year 2000, it returned to using its original name as Lalu Island until the present. In the past, indigenous tribes used Lalu Island as a sacred place.
    During the cruise, stop at the pier. You are free and recommended to taste Taiwanese Tea Eggs before going up the mountain to worship Phra Tang Samjang. It's a famous tea leaf boiled egg shop that everyone must come and try Grandma's special recipe tea leaf boiled eggs. The deliciousness lies in the meticulousness in every step, from boiling the eggs with various herbs. Including reishi mushroom When you taste the first bite, you will smell the aroma of herbs along with the slightly salty taste of the sauce. All together, it's very delicious. Grandma's Tea Leaf Boiled Egg Shop is the only shop allowed to open on the pier in Sun Moon Lake, and it only has a branch here.
    Then take you to visit the Enzyme Shop, a shop that grows Brazilian grape varieties. and used to process both enzyme water Powder extraction and drying Its properties are to help flush out toxins that accumulate in the body. Take you freely shopping to choose products from the garden.
    Take you to worship Longshan Temple, an ancient and famous temple of Taiwanese people. This temple is approximately 300 years old. The front is decorated with dragon pillars on both the left and right sides. It is like protecting the central hall. In 1740, there was major damage, so the temple was renovated several times, including the doors, beams, roof, and beautifully carved dragon pillars. It is a delicate sculpture made of beautiful wood. There are ancient Chinese books decorated at the entrance, giving a touch of literature in addition to religious value, promoting tourism as well. Nowadays, it is popular to ask for blessings regarding work, study, and most importantly, love. It is believed that anyone who is not successful in love Ask for blessings from the old moon god at this temple. Then love will come back better.
    Anecdotes about how to make it so perfect!! "Wishing blessings for love It is recommended to specify specific specs/who you want. Ask as a yes or no question. Then take a chance with a red divination stick (Pua Puay), take a chance 3 times, pray first and you must get it every time. Turn it upside down a total of 3 times to pick up the red thread from the box at the Old Moon God's Palace and take it to the Chun Chiang Ceremony. By taking the red thread and looping it three times to the right at the incense burner where the smoke is floating. It is believed that this red thread will bind our soul mates together.”
    Take you on a journey to Ximending area is located in Taipei City. This place is like Siam Square in Bangkok It is a source of trendy fashion for teenagers in Taiwan. Inside the market there are many things. Especially fashion products, clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics or many gift shops that constantly update fashion. Whether it's a branded item or no brand Moreover, the branded products here are also considered to have cheap prices, suitable for many shoppers to come and shop to their hearts' content.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure. In order not to waste time shopping
    4-star RIVERVIEW TAIPEI accommodation or equivalent.

  • 日付
    Health Necklace Center - Pineapple Pie Shop - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial - Yehliu National Park - Jiufen Ancient Village

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Health Necklace Center (Germanium Shop) which is jewelry for health. Available in both bracelets and necklaces with radiation protection properties. Helps the circulation of blood in our body. Including viewing Taiwanese jade. and red coral Precious jewelry of Taiwanese people since ancient times Then take you to stop and buy souvenirs. Taiwan's famous Pineapple Cake Shop It is a popular dessert in Taiwan. (Pineapple pie, popcorn, fried mushrooms) then take you to take pictures outside the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, one of the symbols of Taiwan. and the main tourist attractions that must be visited in Taipei City Built in 1976 to commemorate and honor former President Chiang Kai-shek, it is a white building on all 4 sides with a blue octagonal roof in the style of Chinese architecture. Standing prominently in the middle of Freedom Square, there are 89 steps in front, equal to the age of the president. Inside is a large sitting bronze statue of him with a smiling face, unlike other statues of him. There will be two soldiers standing guard at all times, and on the back wall there will be three words of his political philosophy: ethics, democracy, and science.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant with a special menu!! Xiao Long Bao
    Then take you on a journey to Yehliu Geopark This park is located in the northernmost part of Taiwan. The area is characterized by a peninsula extending into the sea. The erosion of sea water and sea wind causes stalagmites to form various shapes, quite amazing, such as angel shoe stones, candle sea stones, elephant stones, ice cream stones, princess head stones, dragon head stones and others. And because it is close to the coast, this area has many strangely shaped rocks. And the highlight that has the most tourists queuing up to take pictures is Queen's Head Stone which is famous throughout the world Allowing you to soak in the natural atmosphere and strange rock formations. Including a 360 degree viewing point.
    Travel to Jiufen Old Street, located on a mountainside in Keelung City. Jiufen is now a famous tourist attraction and an old pedestrian street in Taiwan. Enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the shop. Former Taiwanese restaurant Admire the scenery Including choosing to taste and buy tea from many shops, Jiufen Ancient Village is also a place to follow in the footsteps of fans of the cartoon SPIRITED AWAY, a famous Japanese animated cartoon. which brings the scene of the lantern building in Jiufen ancient village to the next story (not including the cost of going up to the 89th floor building) Approximately 600 NT per person)
    Recommend delicious food is the origin Taiwanese style taro bua loy Taiwanese lotus is much larger and chewy. Each color has a different flavor and different stickiness. The syrup is sweet mung bean juice. Can be ordered both hot and cold.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure. In order not to waste time shopping
    4-star RIVERVIEW TAIPEI accommodation or equivalent.

  • 日付
    Cosmetics shop - Sishi Nanshun Historical Village - Take a photo with Taipei 101 - Taoyuan Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to a cosmetics shop. There are cosmetics as well as medicines, oils, and famous Taiwanese massage medicines for everyone to choose and shop to their fullest.
    Then take you to visit. Si SI Nan Village is the first ancient village in Taiwan. Located in Taipei City near Taipei 101, from the settlement of Kuomintang soldiers. It is an important historical and cultural village of the country. With the charm of the simple life of people in a small community. Surrounded by the prosperity of a big city and small shops. The village includes Simple Market, a special market open only on Sundays. The uniqueness of the village makes it popular with tourists and the media. It has been used as a scene in many famous movies. And nowadays it has become an important and famous tourist attraction suitable for walking around the ancient village which maintains the old style of the buildings in the traditional shophouse style so well that it can be considered an art center of the country.
    Take you on a journey to Take a photo with Taipei 101 (Taipei 101) (not including the entrance fee to the 89th floor) allowing you to take a photo with a landmark of Taiwan. The 5th tallest building in the world today (2016 ranking), standing at 508 meters high.
    Noon: Free lunch at your leisure. For convenience in shopping
    It is appropriate time to take you on a journey. Taoyuan Airport
    Arrive at Taoyuan Airport, Republic of China (Taiwan)
    03:40 p.m. Take you on a journey to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by VIETJET AIR flight VZ563 (no food and beverage service on board)
    06:30 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand safely with an impression from the Letsco Group team.

Meals And Accommodation
STAY HOTEL TAICHUNG, 4 star level or equivalent
RIVERVIEW TAIPEI accommodation or equivalent.
RIVERVIEW TAIPEI accommodation or equivalent.
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