Thailand Chiangrai Doitung Phuchifa 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH8561

Thailand Chiangrai Doitung Phuchifa 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH8561

冒険 家族のためのゲーム 歴史と文化 ロマンチックな ショッピング 夕食

Thailand Chiangrai Doitung Phuchifa 4 Days 2 Nights TATTH8561

  • 日付
    Bangkok - Chiang Rai

    7:00 p.m. Meeting point: PTT gas station opposite the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Departure as well. New VIP air-conditioned van headed to Chiang Rai Province.
    7:30 p.m. Wheels spinning. If you arrive later than this, you will miss the trip and will not be able to claim any damages at all.

  • 日付
    Akha Farmville - Wat Rong Khun - Chuifong Tea Plantation - Doi Mae Salong - Phra Borommathat Chedi Srinakarintra Sathit Maha Santikhiri

    6:00 a.m. Good morning, Chiang Rai, stopping by for you to do your personal duties.
    Take you to Akha Farmville, a sheep farm on Doi Chang that comes with wide pastures and fertile mountain ranges. Plus the cool air on the mountain gives the feeling of being in a foreign country. And the highlight is a flock of fat sheep. The sheep here are of the Corridel breed, which is characterized by a large body structure, thick, soft fur, and a friendly personality. The sheep will be released into the wild. We can walk in and play and feed the little ones closely. It can be said that we took beautiful photos. With Nong Sheep, definitely going to upload it on social media. Besides being a sheep farm Inside, there is also a simply decorated cafe where you can sit and relax after tiring playing with the sheep.
    With a free, simple breakfast at your leisure.
    Take you on a journey to Wat Rong Khun, a temple with outstanding beauty created by the imagination of Master Chalermchai Kositpipat, a famous artist. It is considered to be one of the greatest and most beautiful works of Buddhist art. You can pay homage to the Buddha image inside the temple. It is worth the time to continue your journey.
    12.30 Lunch served (1) at the restaurant after the meal.
    In the afternoon, take you to Chuifong Tea Plantation.
    Chuifong is a Chinese word that means lush green mountains When anyone sees this tea plantation, they probably won't be surprised about the origin of the name. The hills are high above sea level suitable for growing tea. It is covered with green tea trees that have been well cared for. Providing adequate water It makes the tea trees covering the mountain look green and fresh.
    Take you on a journey towards Doi Mae Salong. On this mountain is a Chinese community. Traveling to Doi Mae Salong means tasting delicious food, drinking good tea, buying souvenirs and admiring the scenery. Taste oolong tea and boiled tea eggs Free from cholesterol Visit a Chinese immigrant village with a long history Arrive at Doi Mae Salong Take you on a sightseeing trip Santikhiri Village General Tuan's Tomb Then he was taken up to worship. Phra Borommathat Chedi Srinakarinthra Sathit Maha Santikhiri Phra Borommathat Chedi Srinakarinthra Sathit Maha Santikhiri It is a pagoda in the Lanna style. It was completed around the year 1996 as a royal tribute to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Located on the highest peak of Doi Mae Salong. At an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a wide view.
    5:30 p.m. Check in to accommodation. Invite you to relax at your leisure.
    6:30 p.m. You are free to explore the beauty. amidst the cold Ready to eat dinner at your leisure at the restaurant. After the meal, relax at your leisure. Tonight, count the stars.

  • 日付
    Doi Mae Salong - 101 Tea Plantation - Doi Tung Palace - Mae Sai Market - Skywalk Phra That Doi Wao - Huai Pla Kang Temple - Wat Rong Suea Ten - Phu Chi Fa

    7:00 a.m. Breakfast served (2) at the resort restaurant.
    after breakfast Take you to visit the 101 tea plantations at Doi Mae Salong along with tasting tea, buying tea and souvenirs from the hill tribes to take home.
    Take you to visit Doi Tung Palace. The former residence of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn or Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra Boromarajonani. for you to visit Mae Fah Luang Garden Filled with flowers and winter trees that changes every season and Doi Tung Palace The residence of Somdej Ya
    Take you on a journey to Mae Sai Market, a border trade market that everyone must know. Because it has been famous for a long time
    many decades together next to the border Therefore, there are both Myanmar people and ethnic minorities conveniently coming to buy consumer products by simply walking across to visit Tachileik. without having to issue a border crossing document There are many products sold in the market. There are many to choose from and buy. Whether it's food, clothes, bags, shoes or even jewelry. decorations There are actually many to buy.
    Take you to check-in. Sky Walk Wat Phra That Doi Wao or Sky Walk Mae Sai Which can be said to be the northernmost Skywalk in Thailand. The structure will be curved. The walkway is clear glass. It is approximately 150 meters long and is also the longest skywalk in Thailand. You can see beautiful views. Can be obtained both from Thailand and Myanmar as well.
    Take you to travel to Huai Pla Kang Temple It is another beautiful temple in Chiang Rai Province. Huai Pla Kang Temple located on a mountain And there are hills surrounding the temple. You can see beautiful scenery. The outstanding thing of this temple is "Pob Chok Tham Chedi" which is a chedi that is 9 floors high and has an unusual shape, like a pointed shape. Chinese art mixed with Lanna The red roof had dragon statues stretching on both sides of the stairs. Surrounded by small pagodas representing the 12 zodiac signs, Huai Pla Kang Temple is a temple that is revered by the villagers and
    It is believed that if anyone comes to visit, it will be like going to heaven. Inside the pagoda are enshrined Buddha images and various Arahants. Inside the pagoda is an enshrinement. Guan Yin is carved from large fragrant sandalwood. The reason why this 9-story chedi is called Phop Chok Tham Chedi. Because Huai Pla Kang Temple has been an abandoned temple since ancient times. The construction history is not known for certain. Later, Phra Achan Phopchok Tissawangso renovated and built many Thawornwatthu buildings, thus becoming a center of the mind. of Chiang Rai people again
    12.00 Lunch served (3) at the restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Wat Rong Suea Ten It is also outstanding. The blue-toned Ubosot is beautifully built. It is very beautiful and spectacular. Wat Rong Suea Ten It is considered a new prominent temple of Chiang Rai Province. In front of the entrance to the temple there is a large stucco sculpture of a pair of Nagas, applied Thai art. In addition, the stucco work surrounding the temple It's beautifully done in a premium performance. As a result, Wat Rong Suea Ten has many tourists coming to visit and admire its beauty. The art used in the construction of Wat Rong Suea Ten is called applied art. "Sala Nok" the craftsman who carried out the construction I have studied since I was with Teacher Chalermchai. and used to work at Wat Rong Khun It can be noticed from various patterns. that sways All are learned from the work of the teacher. But Master Chalermchai's uses white tones and uses glass. But Sala Nok's has been modified to use blue tones instead. To make it unique
    Take you to Phu Chi Fa, the highest peak in the Doi Pha Mon mountain range, 1,628 meters above sea level on the side adjacent to Lao People's Democratic Republic There are steep cliffs. It is the most beautiful viewpoint. In winter there is a view. extraordinarily beautiful
    Check in, enter the accommodation and let everyone collect their luggage and enter the accommodation.
    6:00 p.m. Dinner served (4) at the resort's restaurant.
    After the meal, everyone is invited to relax at their leisure. Sleep comfortably amidst nature

  • 日付
    Phu Chi Fa - Wat Nantaram - Wat Sri Khom Kham - Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Monument - Bangkok

    5:00 a.m. Good morning. Take you to the top of Phu Chi Fa to see the view in the early morning. Along the way, you will find planting plots. Nang Phaya Suea Krong Forest Allowing you to breathe in the pure air amidst the sea and the mist that covers the mountains in front. See pictures of the sun The light of a new day is rising Invite everyone to capture impressive photos at your leisure.
    7:30 a.m. Breakfast served (5) at the resort's restaurant.
    09.00 hrs. Pack your luggage, check out, bid farewell to Chiang Rai. Continue traveling to Phayao Province.
    Take you on a journey to Chiang Kham District, take you for sightseeing and Pay your respects and ask for blessings at Wat Nantaram, a temple that preserves the Shan art temple. The temple is built entirely of teak wood and decorated with beautiful wood carvings. according to various components Such as gables, windows, balconies, etc., including carved patterns, layered roofs, or cascading wooden tiles. Inside the temple, it looks solemn and magical, filled with the power of faith. As you walk in, you will find the main Buddha image, which is a Buddha image in the subduing Maravichai posture, carved from teak wood, lacquered and gilded, dressed in Shan uniform, mounted on a wooden base. Beautifully carved pattern Beside the main Buddha image, there is a white stone Buddha image and a golden teak Buddha image, each in the posture of Maravichai wearing a beautifully proportioned Shan uniform. There is a Thai Yai style pagoda enshrined. There is a museum of old banknotes. Antique utensils, ancient patterned cloth, and ancient paintings depicting each part of the Mahachat sermon. Another interesting thing in the temple is the bright brass "pulpit" with a delicate, beautiful pattern that is modeled after a Burmese royal throne. If you look up at the ceiling, you will find beautiful stained glass patterns decorated with both Buddha statues and various works of art.
    12.00 Lunch served (6) at the restaurant.
    Take you to pay homage to Phra Chao Ton Luang at Wat Sri Khom Kham and Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Monument. for good fortune
    6:00 p.m. Take you back to Bangkok, stopping for dinner at your leisure at a restaurant during the trip.
    Arrive in Bangkok around 2:00 a.m. safely and with an impressive experience.

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3-star accommodation or equivalent
3-star accommodation or equivalent
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