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パスポート&ビザ Cocos Islands

Documents for applying for an Australian tourist and business visa

1. Passport with validity covering the requested visa period or at least 6 months remaining validity, with 2 copies


2. One 2-inch light colored back photo


3. Copy of ID card


4. Copy of house registration


5. Proof of work (English language)

• For those who are employees or civil servants, use a letter of recommendation indicating position, salary, age of work and leave.

• For those who are business owners, use a business registration document stating the visa applicant's name.

• For those who are students or students, use a letter of recommendation from the educational institution.


6. Evidence of sufficient funds for travel expenses.

• Bank statements or passbook (original version) showing accounts for the past 6 months


7.An invitation letter from a friend or relative in Australia, proof of relationship, proof of relationship, financial evidence of friends or relatives, and proof of contact (in the case of staying at a friend or relative's house)


8. Letter or invitation letter from Australian company or agency (For business visa)


9. Certificate of name and surname change (if any)


10. Visa application form With complete information

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