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Since prehistoric times Andorra's present-day territory was influenced by civilizations such as Franks, Visigoths and Arabs. During the reign of King Charlemagne of France in the late 9th century it was established. Administrative region in the Pyrenees It was believed that King Charlemagne allowed Andorra to gain independence by the Carta de Fundacio d'Andorra, but after Charlemagne's death, Andorra came to the Count of Urgell. In 1113, the land was granted to Bishop of Urgell, which inherited the rights and ownership over it on behalf of the Church of Urgell in 1159. Between the Church of Urgell and the Count of Foix until 1278, it was signed between the Church of Urgell and the Count of Foix (Roger Bernard) in the Treaty of Pariatges, which made Andorra a state of Joint royal state (the coprincipality) between the Church of Urgell and the Count of Foix, with the Bishop of Urgell securing territorial sovereignty and the Count of Foix had political, judicial and military powers. France then inherited it until Henry IV, the Count of Foix, who became King of France, so Andorra became a joint royal state between Spain's Church of Urgell and France in 1419. The Church of Urgell and France ratified the Council of the Land to establish the present General Council or Parliament of Andorra between 1866-68.The Church of Urgell and France declared Nova Reforma (New Reform) as a guide to the Political and administrative system organization in the early 20th century and the era of economic expansion On January 15, 1981, the Church of Urgell and France issued a decree established. The new Andorra government system Later, on March 14, 1993, a referendum was held for the state of Andorra to have a democratic regime of government. And having the first governing constitution (Which France and Spain have drafted together), which promulgated on May 4, 1993, the constitution defines sovereignty from the people. By election of members of the representatives Separate executive power and legislative power apart. It continues to authorize the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell of Spain as joint head of state.


Catalan language.


Andorra is an amazing love of music. The international festival with jazz and classical music is the most visited annually in the nation's capital. The Festival of Andorra is especially loved in the September Festival, held in honor of the Blessed Virgin de Judy de Meritsle.

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